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VOIP cheap is a way to make free calls via the Internet in many countries.



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VOIP cheap you can make free calls over the Internet.

You need is a sound card in your PC and a headset, so that you have a microphone for voice transmission. The program is available free to download adware. So that you can use this software, you must register first for free. Everything you need to store personal data, is your email address. VOIP cheap friends creates a user account. Your email address your access data be sent in minutes, where you can login with friends. Now you can immediately and without further formalities with other VOIP cheap users over the Internet phone calls.

VOIP cheap in addition holds a list for you, which you can remove from the countries, in their fixed networks you can call free and without cost. Should you call in another fixed network with VOIP cheap, charges apply for this but. To use this option, VOIP cheap expects that your user account has a certain balances. You can not only make phone calls with VOIP cheap, but you can send SMS. These are also subject to charges.

In the list of the Ridge's Icelander, you will find the most other European countries and also Canada and the United States apart from Germany. Online at any time, you can retrieve the rates for all other countries. A free service like VOIP cheap works unfortunately not without limitations. The number of free calls are limited. Once this limit is exceeded, you can no longer use VOIP cheap make free calls over the Internet. Call charges would then apply. You can avoid this may, by creating a new user account after a certain period of time. The software has prevailed now well, because the connections across the Internet are stable and the transmission quality meets the normal standard.

Registration and capabilities of VOIP cheap

• Free adware download
• Free registration with an email address
• Immediate transmission of the credentials for the user account
• Calls to countries which are not on the Gratisliste, only against the credit balance on the account
• SMS charges apply
• Limited number of free calls per user

You need this to be able to use VOIP cheap

VOIP cheap can be used with the Windows operating systems 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. A sound card with a headset, a broadband Internet connection, as well as at least 10 megabytes of free hard disk space are the system requirements for this software for free Internet telephony.

Description of the version: VoipCheap

The current version of VoipCheap offers cheap phone calls on your PC in many different countries. For this purpose it is possible to buy so-called credits, with which you can make calls to the provider side. The program allows you to also join SIP devices, so that you connect normal telephone systems with the service. Also on your mobile phone, you can use the program, there are special apps.

The main features of VoipCheap

• Make cheap phone calls in many countries via the PC.
• Use credits to recharge your account.
• Connect the program to SIP devices.
• Download apps for your mobile phone.

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