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The VLC media player portable play almost every audio and video format. Streaming is possible.



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VLC Media Player Portable

VLC media player portable is a free media player, which you can play various audio and video formats. You can play DVDs and video CDs with the player very easy. In addition, the VLC media player portable supports various streaming protocols. The player can also be used as server: so you can make your multimedia files others in a network with high bandwidth available. As a transcoder, you can use the VLC media player portable.

Because the VLC media player portable supports so many different file formats and codecs, it can play just about anything. Even fragmented AVI files, arising for example, if the files were not fully downloaded, you can play with VLC media player portable. For reasons of copyright law, but DRM protected formats cannot be played. Due to its high compatibility, it is very popular at home and in schools and universities. But you will also work as professional users like with the free VLC media player portable.

The special feature of the portable version is that it runs without installation and you can take it anywhere with. While the normal VLC media player on many operating systems, you can use the VLC media player portable only under Microsoft Windows. The VLC media player portable offers all the standard features that you also offer commercial player. So, you can create different effects with special filters, among others, as for example with a color filter.

VLC media player portable - the most important functions at a glance:

• supports various audio and video formats
• can be carried out anywhere
• must not be installed on the PC
• can act as a server
• Standard functions such as E.g. filter integrated
• Operating system: Microsoft Windows

VLC media player portable - background information on the history of the player

The VLC media player portable is originated from a project of a French engineering school, which bears the name of VideoLAN. In cooperation with professional and independent developers from more than 20 countries, former students of the school of engineering developed the player as part of a streaming solution for different digital formats. VLC Player has been developed originally for the Streamwiedergabe, has however many additional properties. All works of VideoLAN, as also the VLC media player portable, are available under the general public license (GNU). This means that the source code for everyone is open.

Description of the version: VLC Media Player Portable

The latest version of VLC media player portable can await you with many useful new features. With this very popular player a wide range is offered by tools, which will help you too damaged to repair a video file. In addition, it is now possible, hardware accelerated playback HD video through the use of GPUs and DSP. The formats you can set indiduell, but desire edit also audio tracks.

The new features of the latest version of VLC media player portable

• optimized for use on a USB stick
• low consumption of resources and low processor availability
• faster unzip and clearer arrangement of functions
• Support for MPEG and DivX streaming
• better dealing with the most common video files
• Hardware accelerated playback of HD videos

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