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Movies and music play - easy and convenient with the VLC media player from VideoLAN.



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VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a real multimedia all-rounder.

The VLC media player, the short form of VideoLan Client, has become a celebrity among the media players. He offers not only a nearly full compatibility with all kinds of video and sound formats you free of charge, but VLC media player plays even defective and incomplete AVI files. Regardless of whether QuickTime, real video, DivX, MP3, wave or VLC plays it all. Since version 1.1.0 VLC media player has a hardware acceleration that enables the playback of HD videos, and also the program for mobile devices has been optimized.

A further pillar of the VLC media player and the reason for its development are its excellent streaming capabilities, allowing you to use it as a server for your own image or audio transmissions. There the player for all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux but also for several others. The combination of unique streaming capabilities and superior format compatibility establish the reputation of the VLC media player. The good reputation is underlined by the premium support offers the open source scene. No question is left unanswered by this, really insurmountable problems should be result in VLC media player.

VLC media player is used in private households as well as in companies and universities. The player is multilingual and thus of course offers a complete German user interface. Convince yourself of its capabilities, and invite him now with the download button on this page down. The VLC media player once you tested, all other media player, which you probably had installed in the eternal Softwarenirvana disappear.

VLC media player overview

• Full compatibility with almost all video and sound formats
• An independent CD, DVD and Blu-ray player
• Outstanding streaming
• Multilingual interface
• Free of charge thanks to the terms of the GNU General Public License
• Unique open source scene, with help and advice is available

The history of the VLC media player:

The development of VLC media player began in 1999 and was initiated by the VideoLAN team, a group of French students and developers from over 20 other countries. Since 2001, VLC media player is available under the GNU General Public License and is thus free of charge. He can be co-developed by anyone who has interest in. The player adjusts to all technological developments, which he has masterfully mastered well the jump into the HD era since version 1.1.0.

Description of the version: VLC Media Player

The VLC version 2.1 has been revised properly. So, almost a thousand bugs were fixed. A more efficient audio engine is new. A higher resolution and sampling rates are promised here. Also surround formats 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 channels should be supported correctly. Following additional codecs are now supported by VLC: Microsoft Screen codec 1/2, TechSmith screen capture codec 2, CDXL and the VBLE lossless. Also, VLC supports 2.1 DVB subtitles (SCTE-27) and EIA-608 captions.

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