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VLC 1.0 play all popular audio and video files, converts them and is stream.



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No matter whether you want to play a CD, DVD, or a media file directly on your computer: just click and off you go! VLC 1.0 supports all popular audio and video formats. The required codecs are even with VLC 1.0 and need no more extra installs, and ZIP files can be played directly without unpacking. Use additional functions such as adjusting brightness and contrast, or the change of the aspect ratio. Define VLC 1.0 as the default player to automatically open multimedia files with this. VLC 1.0 play damaged files easily: the unreadable sections are simply skipped.

With VLC 1.0, you can watch live streams on the Internet, use one of the many Internet radio stations, and play while downloading files. Store your favorite channels in the favourites list to quickly find again. Post your own videos or live recordings of your webcam as a stream for other users. Add interfaces and control the VLC 1.0 player over the Internet, widgets (on the Mac), the Palm or on the iPhone.

Do you play your sound files and movies on the iPod or the X-box? Convert the various files in the appropriate final format and transfer them to your device. Also a conversion of video to audio formats is possible with VLC 1.0. Creative minds can edit audio or video files, or merge several files. Use the Quick recording function of VLC 1.0 player: click on the record button during playback of any file in VLC Player and save the video to your computer.

Other features of VLC 1.0 player:

• Download different skins for the player interface, or create your own skins
• Create your own CDs or DVDs with VLC
You can display with • album art and artist name when playing audio files
• Open clips from YouTube or Google video directly in VLC Player
• Create thumbnails from video files
• Create a playlist to play multiple files at a time

VideoLan - the open-source project

The VLC 1.0 player is the most well-known VideoLAN project. The former student project of the École Centrale Paris, founded in 1996, is today headed by developers all over the world, which develop on a voluntary basis freeware in the multimedia area. VideoLan is a non-profit organization with headquarters in France. In addition to the VLC 1.0 player working VideoLan on other open-source projects such as VLS (VideoLan server, whose main functions include 1.0 player in VLC), VLMa (VideoLan Manager) and the VLC skin editor and offers various software solutions for developers.

Description of the version: VLC

The latest version of VLC media player, the all-rounder for music and movie playback, reduces the load on the processor for Windows 7, Vista and Linux to less than 10 percent. Furthermore you can easily integrate it in the Windows 7 Super bar, allowing you to access the program without changing the program window. Also, VLC is now faster, supports HD videos and is compatible with new codecs, including MPEG-4 lossless, Blu-ray subtitles and VP8.

The most important innovations of the VLC media player 1.1.4

• 10% On Windows 7, Vista, Linux CPU load.
• Support new codes such as MPEG-4 lossless, VP8, & Blu-ray subtitles.
• Can be integrated in Windows-7 Super bar.
• Hardware acceleration for HD videos.

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