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Visualizer photo resize 5.4 brings multiple images at one time in a particular format.



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Visualizer Photo Resize

With visualizer photo resize 5.4, you can change the size of any number of photos in a single operation. Visualizer photo resize 5.4 does all the images that you have saved in a folder, bring them into the format you want and stores them in a new subdirectory. You can set the compression level you want with a slider for visualizer photo resize 5.4. However, the program has a small disadvantage: visualizer can photo resize 5.4 only process files in JPEG format.

Especially, if you want to do accessible photos in a Web album other people, it is helpful if all images have the same size. Visualizer photo resize 5.4 gives you this quickly and in a single operation. So, the annoying formatting of individual images belongs to the past. With the Save in a new directory, visualizer photo resize 5.4 created you at the same time already a simple Web album that you can put immediately online. To add a personal touch to your pictures, you can provide the images with watermark with this program. They can be created in a graphical format as well as in text. So you're photo resize 5.4 with visualizer your Web album to a correct communication.

The image generator will show you photo resize 5.4 the original image as soon as you see "read jpeg images from path" have specified in visualizer, where the file is located. The folder "resized" is automatically provided for storage. You may choose but also another place to store the modified images. You must now specify still the format in which the images will be converted and set the compression level. Starts with a click on the button "resize" visualizer photo resize 5.4 with the work, and the resizing of the images is completed within a very short time. Under "visualizer photo resize options" you can add a watermark. You can directly download visualizer photo resize 5.4. Simply click the download button and follow the instructions.

The functions of visualizer photo resize 5.4

• Resize of multiple images simultaneously
• Auto-save in a new directory
• Create a simple Web album
• Must be in the JPEG format files
• Make an own watermark
• Download for free

System requirements and download

The visualizer photo resize 5.4 is designed for operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. The program is available as freeware for free download.

Description of the version: Visualizer Photo Resize

The current version of the visualizer photo resize comes with some very useful and beneficial features. With this software you can simultaneously edit unlimited photos from your image folders and compress for example. With a slider, you have the opportunity to adjust the image size as detailed in the enhanced editing mode. You can also tag your photos if necessary with a watermark of your choice.

The new features of the current version of visualizer photo resize.

• Processing any number of photos in a single operation
• Compression of image files with slider
• Revision of the user interface
• User friendly of icons and buttons has been increased

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