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Visual Pinball is a precise Simulator of the Pinball game and includes also an editor.



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Visual Pinball

Visual Pinball is an advanced piece of software with which you can play Pinball on your computer. Visual Pinball offers but also a powerful editor for your own table designs.

You were always a big Pinball fan and would like to even follow the game on your computer? With Visual Pinball you have the opportunity to do so now. The software is an excellent Pinball Simulator with which you can get the game on your screen. The game offers you a large number of different sophisticated tables so that never runs out of supplies. The physics of the ball is calculated exactly and the attention to detail in all aspects of the Pinball game will surprise you. Visual Pinball is a very small software with an amazing feature set. If you no longer want to wait for the next Pinball game, you should download friends to this successful piece of software.

Visual Pinball offers but still much more than just an accurate simulation. With the software, it is indeed possible to make using a Pinball table editor according to your own ideas. Are no limits with the built-in editor your imagination. Your sketches are automatically converted into an elaborate 3D model, on which you can then play your pinball games. If you want to, you can share your designs with friends. Try the best right there!

The development of Visual Pinball
The computer simulation Visual Pinball is developed by programmer Randy Davis on their own. It is a software project that is driven under free license and should bring the Pinball-sport in its entire fascination on the computer.

Description of the version: Visual Pinball

The Pinball Simulator Visual Pinball in the new version of 9.0.7 brings the Pinball game yet more convincing on the screen than in the past. In particular the editor has been fundamentally improved and now allows an easy implementation of your own ideas on the Pinball table. This includes for example more precise setting of gangs, where the balls can bounce off and roll back into the table. With the new version of Visual Pinball you'll can reach still more compelling creations.

The new features in Visual Pinball 9.0.7

• Improvements in the editor regarding the design of the gang
• Easier usability of the editor for beginners
• Still greater number of recordable tables
• Better compatibility with new operating systems

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