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With Visual Basic 2010 Express, you can easily design your own Windows applications.



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Visual Basic

Visual Basic 2010 Express is the ideal tool if you want to design your first custom Windows applications itself. The program is very clear and simple. The menus are understandable and are very user friendly. With the new home page you can enter express even faster with Visual Basic 2010 in the programming. Windows provides you with Visual Basic 2010 express the current and completely updated version of the popular programming.

Create express through Visual Basic 2010 without XAML programming your own WPF applications with just a few clicks. Even easier the creation of own applications is made by the way, to be able to use the code editor to WPF-based new.

Work like the pros and use multiple monitor at the same time. With the new Visual Basic 2010 Express is no longer a problem. So that you can work more effectively, you can choose between several individual user profiles depending on it whether you're a beginner or a pro. So you find yourself always optimally cope and did all you important tools always at a glance. IntelliSense filtering up to the XLM editor are all known tools and features of similar more expensive applications at your disposal - and completely free of charge.

Visual Basic 2010 Express offers you many possibilities:

• IntelliSense filtering
• Create Windows Forms
• XML editor
• New home
•Create WPF applications
• Supports multiple monitors

Visual Basic 2010 Express: history and background information

Windows brought a consistent program with the Visual Studio Edition for the first time in 1995 to the programming on the market. Visual Basic 2010 Express looks back on a long path of development, which involved the most creative minds of Windows. Express is supported in Visual Basic 2010 for the first time the WPF surface, and all the important tools for beginners will be accommodated in a program. Visual Basic 2010 was introduced after several postponements due to technical problems in the Beta Express eventually on April 12, 2010, on the market. Referring to express Visual Basic 2010 entirely free and uncomplicated here directly through our download portal. The simplified installation of Visual Basic 2010 Express can start you in contrast to its predecessors even faster with the programming.

Description of the version: Visual Basic

The latest version of Microsoft's Visual Basic allows you a quick introduction to Windows programming. The product works with the latest .NET Framework version 4.0, a new code editor features a new home. About this operation is easier, so a faster implementation of your ideas for Windows programs and Add-Ons for current operating systems is easily possible.

New features of Visual Basic 2010 Express:

• Quick introduction to Windows programming
• supports the .NET Framework 4
• includes new code editor
• has a new home
• makes development easier and faster
• improved user experience

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