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  • Windows 4.1

VistaMizer is a safe method to give the appearance of Vista your operating system.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


The type of installation is particularly safe VistaMizer, because through a simple uninstall all changes can be undone easily. But it will be not necessary, because if you have first installed VistaMizer, you'll want to not miss it. You can start the download directly from our site by clicking on the corresponding button. But just try it, because the programme just over 18 megabyte download go accordingly, and no problems with installing VistaMizer. As long as you have a current system with the latest Service Pack, because the VistaMizer is tuned and put it on.

After the call to der.exe file, the installation you want selected for the freeware license notice. You can either for a normal installation or create a Windows ISO installation file. The normal installation offers the opportunity to undo this by an uninstall, the ISO installation does not offer this, so you have to watch a little bit here, what installation you choose. In the next step are selected then still installing VistaMizer, which components should be changed. Thus can bring design only parts of the existing Windows installation by VistaMizer on a Vista and thus has a pretty individual installation.

After installing VistaMizer restarts the computer, so any changes can be applied. Through the installation of another single components that were released by Microsoft after the release of Vista, you can further perfect the Vista theme on your computer. Because no files or programs installed VistaMizer, need you to install them yourself. But the result is worth the effort, because then your Windows thanks to VistaMizer looks Vista operating system even without a PC with Vista.

Features of VistaMizer:

• Vista theme for Windows
• No new installation
• Change in existing system settings
• Select of the settings you want to modify
• Freeware
• For Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003

Background information on VistaMizer

VistaMizer is a development by Manuel Hoefs, who in his spare time developing software related to Windows XP and is available as freeware for download. Because the effort takes a lot time of programming and maintenance, the developer but also through a small donation is pleased.

Description of the version: VistaMizer

The new version of VistaMizer offers many improvements and new features of older versions of the program. Now you have even more gadgets and tools that trim your Windows XP to Windows Vista. The graphics and effects were better adapted to the original operating system, also you can map now also some special functions in the sidebar of the original Windows Vista with the new version of VistaMizer on Windows XP.

The most important innovations of the VistaMizers in the version 4.0:

• Have been mostly fixed errors and bugs of previous versions
• New functions and setting options
• Improved layout customization to the original Windows Vista

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