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VistaGlazz provides more insight on the desktop and an optical design of your system.



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VistaGlazz is a small program that modifies two features of your Windows Vista operating system with a few clicks of the mouse: the transparency of your window is for everyone (even the maximum) size, and Windows Vista is unlocked for third-party operating system themes.

Who for years an operating system of the computer used, is not infrequently by the design and appearance of the folders, menus and program Windows bored. Resourceful tinkerers and programmers therefore intensively deal with the change of operating system design and design diligently new so-called themes, so a collection of graphics and designs that can completely change the look of the desktop, folders, menus, graphics, and icons and thus of the entire operating system. Times, the themes are simple, even "quietschebunt" and corny. Operating system operator control, however, and equip their systems, such as Windows Vista, with a lock to prevent unwanted changes.

The free VistaGlazz unlocked Windows Vista and to independently designed or a third party themes (see E.g. or to install. When you install are several DLL files in the system folder patched. Then, the operating system must be restarted to make the changes take effect. If you do not wish to unlock, the ground state can recover quickly. You must use VistaGlazz not only with third-party software, but can also use a native function. VistaGlazz can modify Windows Vitas Aero glass so that the transparent window borders in full-screen mode are visible.

At all, the transparency of the window is one of the most impressive graphical features of Windows Vista. But maximizes the window, browser, Explorer, folder, and so on to the largest extent, disappears also the transparency and the visual appeal is lost. VistaGlazz can maintain the transparency of the Windows and menus in any size. The program is easy to use, can be download in two minutes and install and modified the operating system with just a few clicks.

Description of the version: VistaGlazz

VistaGlazz is a small, quick-to-install and easy-to-use program, the impressive and visually stimulating transparency function of the window of Windows Vista in everyone (especially the maximum) size maintains. Also, VistaGlazz unlocks the operating system for foreign (your own) themes and allows to insert custom optical design the folder views, menus, desktop icons, Windows, etc.. So, you can bring more visible change to your desktop and visually "spice up your operating system used over the years".

The most important properties of VistaGlazz

• Quick to install, easy to use
• Makes your Windows Vista in every (ESP. the maximum) the window size remain transparent
• Eliminated the themes lock by Windows Vista and allows to insert custom designs

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