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Shortcut Manager is a program for cleaning link items on the desktop of Vista.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Vista Shortcut Manager

If the arrows on shortcut files bother you, then you get the matching program to make them disappear shortcut Manager with Vista. So, you can clean the items on your desktop.

Thanks to the Vista shortcut Manager, you have never annoying shortcut arrows. To make it clear that there is a shortcut, Windows marks them with a blue arrow. If this arrow bothers you and you prefer items without this notice, then is the Vista shortcut Manager the right choice for you.

With the program, you get three different ways to edit your link items. Either you completely remove the arrow, resizing it or replaced it with an icon of your choice. Without any problems, you can change the look of the files in the original state again. In addition to the arrow, you can edit another factor with the program. When you create a shortcut file, Windows adds the information automatically to the file name link ran. With the Vista shortcut Manager, you have the option to block this setting. Shortcuts you have created on the computer will no longer receive this designation. The aim of the programme is to clean the items on the desktop by these remarks or to suit the taste of the user.

The Vista shortcut Manager is suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Download the 1.7 MB large file you receive a ZIP archive that you open with a Packer program. Then, you can install the Manager. After the installation, it is necessary to restart the computer. Then, you can easily use the features. It is important to make sure that you run the program with administrator privileges.

Description of the version: Vista Shortcut Manager

In contrast to the previous version, the current Vista shortcut Manager provides the application as a 64-bit variant. Previously was only a 32-bit version available. The simple and clear menu navigation is another advantage of the Vista shortcut Manager. You're just a tab, under which you can make all settings. Inserting your own images as a link icon via a few clicks and after confirming the program updated immediately all existing link items.

Innovations and improvements of the Vista shortcut Manager

• Release a 64-bit version
• Easy installation
• Inserting their own symbols as link display possible
Easily remove shortcut arrows •
• Small program size
• The program language is English

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