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Visitenkarten in 2 Minuten

The free program "Business cards in 2 minutes", you can quickly and easily make your own business cards and print. In a few steps a design is chosen, the personal data are entered and finished the business cards.

The freeware "Business cards in 2 minutes" is a useful tool for creating simple business cards. The program requires no in-depth knowledge, because an automatic Wizard will guide through each step of the creation up to the pressure. Moreover, the program through the clear design is easy to use.

"Business cards in 2 minutes" offers 15 different layouts for your business cards. Thereby you can choose not only color and motif, but also for the used fonts vary. In addition to the wide selection of layouts are also different card types available. If "normal" business cards or folded cards, the choice is yours. Have you decided for a type of business card, a layout and font design, typing your personal data that you want to appear on the card, and already your business cards for printing are available. Also the printing of the cards is very easy "Business cards in 2 minutes". In addition to the number to be printed business cards, you must decide you still kind of a paper. Then is already printed.

Freeware comes from the company initials, which offers also paid software for business cards. Who wants to have business cards but only for private use, the free software is a good recommendation. You can download the program "Business cards in 2 minutes" quickly and easily here. It is for the operating system Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 is available and is easy to install on your PC.

Description of the version: Visitenkarten in 2 Minuten

The program is free available so far only in a simple version as freeware, but good ways to create simple business cards. The selection of layouts, colours, motifs and fonts covers all basic needs. Enter the personal data and the print is not a problem thanks to automatic Wizard. The clearly designed program impressed with easy handling, for which no comprehensive knowledge are necessary, and is easy to use for everyone.

Key features and benefits of the current version

• Automatic Wizard guides through the creation
• Clear structuring of the menus
• Selection from 15 layouts
• Different fonts
• Expression of cards possible
• For Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7

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