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A virtual aquarium may conjure up the magic of a coral reef on the screen.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Virtuelles Aquarium

A virtual aquarium offers wonderful relaxation for in between. Both a virtual aquarium therefore a great screen saver can be in the Office so well at home. You can quickly install your virtual aquarium, it is activated by alone when you need relaxation. You can customize the settings for the screen saver for your own needs for your virtual tank. A virtual aquarium shows itself only when the computer is not just needed for more important things.

The various fish swimming in a natural environment, how you never could provide them in a real aquarium. The movement of the fish has a very calming effect on people, and is recommended by many therapists to reduce stress. If you can find regularly some minutes during the lunch break to look at your virtual aquarium, you can go soon much more relaxed at work.

You can download a virtual aquarium in different versions. Some virtual aquarium versions are sponsored by a tiny adverts. If they don't bother you (usually they are quite inconspicuous on the edge or fit to the image) you have to not even pay something for your virtual tank. You can choose just the version, with the fish, you prefer to look at. t

A possible version includes:

• Clown fish
• Zebra fish
• Fish
• Starfish
• Anemones
• Coral

Small fish customer for your virtual tank

Clownfish live in symbiosis with sea anemones, which may look like plants, in truth, are animals. The tentacles of the Anemone are toxic, why come no fish, except for the clown fish in their vicinity. The clownfish have adapted to the environment in the anemone and seek shelter here from enemies. The Anemone, however, remains protected by the clownfish also from predators. The symbiosis of these two animals you can home very difficult in the Aquarium, which is why it is Aqua Gallery impossible for private, to keep the cute clown fish. A virtual aquarium offers much better ways to look at clown fish and other reef inhabitants. Even if you already have experience with correct aquariums, some species also the best care in captivity are not good can live. Your virtual aquarium offers you the beauty of coral reefs and the fish the freedom that they deserve.

Description of the version: Virtuelles Aquarium

The virtual aquarium screen saver is a free download and installs itself on your PC such as by self. The colorful fish swim in version 2.0 in better color resolution of your screen. The free screensaver will provided by the fast-food chain Nordsee. So, you can discover new sea creatures on your screen. The colorful fish turn your workplace into a different world.

The most important innovations of the virtual aquarium 2.0

• File can be downloaded quickly
• You can build your very own Aquarium together friends
• Version has a better color resolution
• Operating systems: Win95 / 98 / 98SE / me / 2000 / NT / XP

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