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VirtualDub: Freeware for creating and editing videos of different formats.



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With VirtualDub, author Avery Lee has developed a program with which you can easily create video files and edit. VirtualDub has a graphical user interface and the individual tools and options are simply arranged, simple operations, such as for example cutting videos are very quick to learn. So you can start editing your videos, without studying the manual before long. Thanks to the plug-in interface of VirtualDub you can upgrade individual parts of the program, if not sufficient you the possibilities of the basic version.

MPEG-1 format, as well as the graphic formats are supported natively by VirtualDub-in addition to the AVI container format BMP, TGA, JFIF and PNG. Other formats can be processed with the appropriate plug ins. The output files are stored by VirtualDub still in AVI format. This format is supported by most multimedia applications as well as by most standard DVD players. In addition to the already existing video files processing, also incorporating new video streams is possible. With VirtualDub, you can record for example the data stream of a suitable camera or a TV card and create new videos, which you can then edit according to your personal requirements.

VirtualDub has no special hardware requirements: it thus also runs on older Windows based PCs. However, the performance of the program is significantly better on faster computers. A processor with at least 600 MHz is required for the digital video recorders as well as a card with video input. The download file is very small, an installation is not necessary. You can get started immediately!

VirtualDub - functions:

•Stores files in AVI2 and multisegmental AVI format
• Up to 4 GB to convert MPEG-4 to AVI
• Fractional frame Council
• Variable file size, noise reduction, normalizer
• MPEG-1 and JPEG decoding
• Bi-cubic and bi-linear resampling

VirtualDub - modifications and plug-in the

Initially supported VirtualDub only a few video and audio formats. Other formats, such as, for example, the widely used MPEG-2, were not supported. Here a frame server had to be used in addition, which greatly slowed the video editing. In the meantime, therefore modifications to VirtualDub available were developed by third parties and guaranteed a faster processing were the user. Now available but some plug-in the for VirtualDub available, which allow easy editing of most common video and audio formats.

Description of the version: VirtualDub

With the current version of VirtualDub, you can edit your videos faster and above all, safer. Bugs of the previous version have been fixed and improved the compatibility, some occurring crashes now belong to the past. The decoding AVI files has been revised and is possible without any problems now with the huffyuv codec. The current version runs 86 (32-bit) and x 64 (64-bit) versions of Windows on x.

The bug fixes of version 1.9.10 overview

• No longer crashes the AVI files with huffyuv decoding
The value of dwInitialFrames is set automatically for better compatibility to 0 •
• Improved multi-threaded compression
• No crash more on the scene detection to UYVY/YUY2 color formats

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