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With Vidomi we converting video files in DivX format to child's play.



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Vidomi makes possible to convert video files in DivX format it you easily. As a result, these files are compressed and occupy less space on your hard drive. Starting point for Vidomi can be normal AVI files or extracted VOB from a DVD. After the start of the program, you must first select the source files and set a target path for the converted files. Now, you can select the preferred compression method in addition to the frame rate. For example, you can specify the destination file should be as large, or what data rate to be converted. After the video settings, you can modify the audio settings. Here you choose the format, usually MP3, as well as the data rate. A value of 128 Kbps is recommended here. Vidomi offers you an interesting feature: Vidomi can manage several audio tracks, for example the different languages on a DVD, and convert. Vidomi can continue to recognize subtitle of the DVD, as well as the chapter and process. This font size, and colors of the subtitles can be freely selected. Finally you can set yet, on how many media Vidomi, the film you want to cut. So, you can distribute a movie on several CDs. For advanced users, there is yet another interesting feature: you can participate all computers in your network to the conversion process. So a computer can edit the image and the sound. Thus, the process is significantly accelerated. This is a feature that a few programs offer this type.

You want to compress a DVD and/or distributed on several CDs and the quality is to be maintained? Vidomi is the right choice for you then. Just compress movies in the DivX format. File to the settings around, or use a default set. Take the chapter and subtitle of your DVD or they change from. Extract one or more audio tracks of the DVD. You can create DivX video in TV quality with Vidomi.

Vidomi is freeware and can be downloaded for free from our platform.

Features of Vidomi

• simple compress using the DivX codec
• all DivX formats can be used
• manage multiple audio tracks (languages) a DVD
• LAN compatible - work multiple computers
• TV quality videos
• Minimum and maximum data rate freely selectable

The development history of Vidomi

Vidomi is freeware and has been developed by a private user. The current version is 0.469. Unfortunately, the development was discontinued some time ago, so this will be the last version.

Description of the version: Vidomi

With the new version of Vidomi, converting movies in DivX format has to become even easier. Also you can watch more recently directly the clips into the corresponding player! Various new functions provide for even greater functionality. You can change now, for example, the bit rate of the video, normalize the audio track, segment long movies, or add captions. In addition, now also MPEG2, AVI, LST formats and DVDs without copy protection is converted to MPEG-4 videos.

The improvements of Vidomi at a glance

•More effective conversion of videos in DivX format
• New: Your own playback player
• Enhanced functionality through several new features
• Still easier operation and clear format

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