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With the video deluxe 16 plus special edition is a professional editing program available.



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Video deluxe

Even the most demanding videographers will be thrilled by the means by which to offer video deluxe 16 plus special edition. In particular the fact that the function of MultiCam editing now also work with multiple cameras, for you, in the video no longer a problem represents deluxe 16 plus special edition, distinguishes this special video editing program. The secondary color correction is unique and also the DVD and Blue-ray authoring has been revised and certainly meets your professional requirements. Video deluxe 16 plus special edition contains more than 1,500 special effects. There are of course also fade in Hollywood character, as well as various templates that can be incorporated in the own film sequences. According to the most modern technology, the video offers you deluxe 16 plus special edition the complete HD support for HDV and AVCHD camcorders. A total of 99 tracks are to the editing and a travel route animation is also integrated into the video deluxe 16 plus special edition. Thus, crafted travel videos are professionally made vacation videos.

The user interface of video deluxe 16 plus special edition allows the simultaneous work on multiple tracks. The various picture and sound effects are impressively presented in thumbnail on the left side of the user of the video deluxe 16 plus special edition. The picture in-picture video offers interesting possibilities for function. As additional modules to the video deluxe 16 plus special edition is the title generator proDAD Heroglyph rapid. This deluxe 16 plus special edition can be within the video title and trailer also in 3D. Reallusion iClone 4 is also available as a module. This is a complete 3D-Animationsstudio.

You need friends no longer ask whether your PC settings meet the requirements of video deluxe 16 plus special edition. By PC performance measurement function, the program automatically determines the optimal setting for a smooth representation of the video film. Also, this program offers you the opportunity to customise the user menu and to integrate own menu pages, text and graphic objects and buttons.

What does the video deluxe 16 plus special edition?

• Title editor with direct preview
• Animate travel route and insert into the movie
• Review of the own resources by the PC performance measurement
• Multi cam editing for working with two cameras
• Secondary color correction
• Improved object zoom function for precise effects control

The special editions

This new program version has some significant improvements over their predecessors. The better after scoring opportunity in the deluxe 16 plus special edition through 99 tracks, the effects that can be used for any occasion and the HD capability of the programme convince video.

Description of the version: Video deluxe

You can edit even easier with the video deluxe 16 plus special edition your video files professionally. Important advantages of this version are among the higher speed, shorter load times, an optimized memory usage and a newly designed, modern user interface. Effect masks are also available, so you can edit your movie to your ideas. The video deluxe 16 plus special edition is compatible with the popular Windows operating systems.

The Videodeluxe of 16 plus special edition coming soon

• Shorter load times for more effective work
• Newly designed user interface offers more comfort
• New optimized memory usage
• Numerous effect masks for individual digital editing

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