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VH screen capture driver is a driver program, with which you record screen content.



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VH Screen Capture Driver

With the VH screen capture driver you just take the image content of the monitor. The driver replaced a video capture card and relating to a recording tool, you can draw on the screen as video.

The VH screen capture driver allows you to record the screen of your monitor. This task takes usually a video capture card, but with this driver this also works on software base. You need only an appropriate recording tool to record the screen of your monitor as a video. For example, you can save as video streams are seen otherwise only in the browser. Or you can create a software presentation by using the program, to perform certain functions of the PC.

VH driver software allows screen capture driver to make you some settings prior to recording of the screen content. For example, you can define the screen resolution of your monitor and also determine the video size when shooting. Are multiple monitors in use, you can choose which source should be recorded. The language of the driver program is in English, but the settings not be difficult for even beginners. The program supports all current Windows operating systems and can be installed on many computers.

The VH screen capture driver driver program was developed with the idea of a hardware component to replace the video capture card and thus to enable the recording of screen content. 2.3 Megabytes in file size, the small tool takes not much space on the disk to complete. Another program is required to the actual recording of the screen as a video, for example, iuVCR, which is also freely available as freeware.

Description of the version: VH Screen Capture Driver

The recording of the screen content was enhanced in the latest version of the VH video capture driver. The recorded images you can scale automatically and in real time to a desired size. The program supports both Flashwiedergabe and Windows Media Player. Thus, you can record all video activity on the screen and save. You can capture also video chat with Skype. Continues to support multiple monitors, where you can select which source should be recorded.

The most important functions in the VH video capture driver 3.0.0

• Scale the pictures in real time to a desired size
• Support for Flash movies and Windows Media Player
• Record Skype video chatting
• Select a source with multiple monitors

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