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VF Basic 1.0, you're designing a new collection by using various design modules.



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VF Basic

You were excited about fashion and are dreaming of it, at least once, to design new models such as a famous fashion designer? Then the software VF Basic 1.0 is the right place for you. VF Basic 1.0, you can make your dreams come true, because the program contains everything you need to design of your new collections: the mannequins, fabrics and cuts. Your task now is to make the right design as a virtual fashion designer from this wide selection. With the VF Basic 1.0 software, you can let your imagination run free and design garments for your friends, family or colleagues. Fun, if you pick the right fabrics and accessories for the three-dimensional models. The program of VF Basic 1.0 helps you that every detail is true to the end of the creative phase.

The virtual doll comes to life with VF Basic 1.0, when you rotate it. With a touch of a button, it is possible that she rotate in any desired position. Until then, you can see the effect if the fabric of a dress in colorful cotton, then in red, soft flowing silk. You can change also the cuts with VF Basic 1.0. Should the dress be worn strapless or maybe be equipped with spaghetti straps? It will be interesting when you manipulate the hair and skin color of the doll according to your needs. In the next step you press you as a make-up artist, by you to make up the dress according to the mannequin. VF Basic 1.0 also has all the utensils. In the VF Photo Studio the doll in the right light is used and photographed. This angle, zoom and spots available are as an aid.

The program VF Basic 1.0 can be downloaded as a free trial. It expires 10 hours after the start of the program.

Other VF Basic 1.0 features:

• Design modules: Mannequins, fabrics, cuts
• Creation of sketches, shapes, cuts and silhouettes
• 3 D effect
• Trial version for 10 hours
• Beauty salon for makeup
• Photo Studio for pictures of the designs

System requirements for VF Basic 1.0

To use the program VF Basic 1.0, you will need no large computer and design skills. The software VF Basic 1.0 runs under the operating systems Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. She is 96,33 megabytes in size. You need at least a 1.5-gigahertz processor, a graphics card with 64 megabytes and a disk capacity of 370 megabytes.

Description of the version: VF Basic

VF Basic 1.0 lets you create exceptional clothes for family, friends, business, and much more with a sophisticated technology. You can admire the finished outfits in an impressively realistic 3D graphics. Find just the right model and a corresponding pose and look at how to customize your garments. Then you can perfect your models with a professional beauty equipment. You can hold and admire the result in the integrated VF PhotoStudio.

The features of VF Basic 1.0 at a glance

• Designing outfits for friends, family, and career
• Admire the result in a 3D simulation
• Make up your models with professional equipment
• Take photos of the new fashion in VF PhotoStudio

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