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  • Windows 3.08

Ventrilo offers real-time telephony over the Internet with up to eight people with easier operation.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


Suitable voice conferencing software for online games.

Ventrilo is a free, easy-to-use software for Internet telephony. It enables the communication in real time with up to eight people at the same time. In addition, it runs on all major operating systems and consumes hard disk space.

Ventrilo is an easy to use software to make calls over the Internet. Communicate in real time with your friends, while at the same time other programs run! So you can concentrate on the flow of the game such as gamer and discuss tactical variants directly with your team-mates. But of course the software not only for gamers is suitable, but can be used by you for any purpose, no matter if a phone call is being applied with your best friend, your buddy or another important person. Ventrilo gives you the opportunity to contact simultaneously with up to eight people. Why not as a businessman, to carry out start equal to your next great Conference - of an urgent order has?

While using the software, you can choose between different codecs to determine the compression rate itself and to prevent this annoying lags. In addition, the software in different versions is available and runs on all major operating systems (Win 2000, win 2003, win XP, Windows Vista and win 2008), as well as on servers. In addition, there are also versions for Win 95/98/me and Mac OS X by the manufacturer.

Ventrilo you becomes available as freeware, and offers the advantage that the file is only 3 MB in size. You so unnecessarily consumes disk space on your computer. In addition, the software is very clearly structured. There are all necessary actions such as disconnect, chat, connect, Setup, close and help at a glance to discover on the menu. Remotely access all important functions directly with a click!

Description of the version: Ventrilo

The current version of Ventrilo offers you the possibility to call, at the same time comfortable operation with up to eight friends and running online in real time, while other programs have. Also you can choose between different codecs, thus determine the compression rate itself, and prevent annoying lags. Ventrilo is running on all popular operating systems and servers. 3 MB, the file is also super small and consumed not your valuable storage space!

Key features of Ventrilo in the current version 3.0.5

• Telephone with eight people at the same time
• Online telephony in real-time
• Application for simultaneous operation of other programs possible
• Compression rate even determinable to prevent disruptive lags
• Application on all major operating systems
• Only 3MB disk space is required

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