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Vegas Movie Studio 9 offers with its numerous features a professional video editing.



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Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio 9 enables your PC to transfer to it you, your homemade videos or photos, so you can easily sort your digital media and associate. If the entry in the edit of your videos you hard, you can with the interactive tutorial quickly and easily with Vegas Movie Studio 9 make familiar. You can start directly with the cutting and enhance your movies: since the revised film replaced not the original, but in your project folder stores, you can try out some effects without expose themselves to the risk to damage his footage. The drag & drop video editing makes working with Vegas Movie Studio 9 to a children's playground and the real-time playback shows you directly, what have your edits for an effect on the entire video. It offers Vegas Movie Studio 9 185 2D and 3D transitions and scarce 300 customizable special effects and tools for color correction, text animations, video and audio effects.

Vegas Movie Studio 9 supports an audio quality of 16 bit, 44.1 kHz and allows you to create your own soundtracks with the Cinescore Studio plug-in. Vegas Movie Studio 9 enables the import of CD tracks and offers a range of possibilities to change this: various tools for the restoration of audio files, such as changing the volume and noise reduction, Vegas offers you Movie Studio 9 effects and envelopes to track level and the slow speed of sound and of the entire video.

Vegas Movie Studio 9 also allows a simple DVD creation using the included program: DVD Architect Studio 4.5, which is explained as well as through interactive tutorials quickly and easily. Especially the program allows the creation of static and moving menus for different chapters, as well as text and DVD subjects you to bring your film in accordance with the appearance of your DVD. Vegas Movie Studio 9 can also convert your videos in the Flash format and thus harness them for your Web sites.

More Vegas Movie Studio 9 features:

• Supports multi core processor and multiple screens
• Supports NTSC and PAL formats 4:3 und16: 9
• Allows easy uploading to YouTube
• Supports all DVD formats, as well as the gängsitgen video formats and codecs for Windows
• Extensive editing tools, and yet easy to use
• Thanks to DVD Architect Studio 4.5 quickly create of your own DVDs with everything, what that is

The concept behind Vegas Movie Studio 9

Sony's Vegas Movie Studio 9 is designed primarily for domestic use, so that even hobbyists - and private filmmakers have the opportunity to edit their movies professionally. Sony enters it on the growing importance of digital media in private life and met many wishing to produce beautiful and coherent films of all kinds easily from home.

Description of the version: Vegas Movie Studio

The current version of Vegas Movie Studio offers you a whole armada of useful and professional first and foremost tools for editing high-definition videos. To highlight is the new interactive tutorial that can help you with many more complex processing steps on request. You can create real cinematic flair with an integrated high-performance surround setting in 5.1-Surround-Sound-Qualität. Of course, the software offers you also the possibility to burn the HD videos on Blue Ray.

The most important innovations in the current version of Vegas Movie Studio

• Composting and soundtrack creation
• Improved user interface for more user comfort
• Soundtrack creation in surround quality
• Stabilization of sophisticated videos
• Optimized Movie Wizard and tutorial for editing mode

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