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Veetle is a software for receiving Web-TV, including live broadcasts of sports events.



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With the program Veetle you can easily receive Web-TV and watch many live streams, such as sports events. Installation and operation of Veetle are not complicated and it offers numerous features.

Veetle is a powerful Web Player with which you can receive Internet TV. It is suitable especially for reception of live sports, such as such as the games of the UEFA Champions League or the German Bundesliga. That's easy: Veetle is available for free download for you, this will be carried out quickly and also the installation on your PC is not complicated. Thanks to Veetle, you can follow the games of your favorite clubs directly in your browser and will miss in the future more of the exciting games of your club a minute.

The software Veetle is suitable for versions of the Windows 200, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It is compatible with the major browsers - Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google represent no problem chrome for Veetle. Also the PC program to offer many technical features and the menu is simple and clear. You can find the streams you want to look, with just a few mouse clicks, and can freely change the volume during the transfer. It is also possible to darken the screen up on the video – so you can concentrate completely on the Livestream and feel like in the cinema. The design is simple and unostentatious and distracts the audience not of the essence in this way.'s new free web app keeps you informed about the games, which can be seen no matter about the software Veetle - where you are right now. Veetle is indispensable for those who not want to waive even without a TV football.

Description of the version: Veetle

With Veetle you can receive Web TV on your PC and and others watching live broadcasts from the world of international sport. The current version is that menu navigation and ease of use have been simplified. The design is as usual open and allows to concentrate fully on the transmission. Veetle version 0.9.18 is compatible with the operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, and can be used with the Brosern Google chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Key features of the current version:

• Faster download of the software and easy installation
• Simple menu guidance
• Numerous technical features, such as volume adjustment and darkening of the background
• Clear design

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