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Vallen JPegger is a free picture viewer with many useful features.



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Vallen JPegger

Who doesn't know to install the jungle of image formats and file extensions, making it necessary to look at the photos again and again new programs. Vallen JPegger remedy now.

Vallen JPegger offers you a versatile and useful platform that can read all common image formats and represent. The free tool offers you many features which you can comfortably use in addition to the pure appearance of images. For example, you can play inferior and always slide shows of images with music, to demonstrate the latest holiday snaps to be able. Furthermore, Vallen JPegger has a built-in screenshot feature, not found in any tool of its kind. With this function, a preliminary sighting and easy sorting of images is possible, so that the slide show no tiresome procedure. The program structure and the lightweight, easy-to-use interface offer few amenities and a comfortable work in the Vallen JPegger.

The interface is divided into two sections. Left you will find the directory tree that shows you the exact path of the folder and the number of image files. The images are displayed in the directory path in thumbnail format, so a small preview is possible before the pictures in the correct window is displayed. Right of the detailed display of format, size, and image properties shows the selected image in large format so that the details and impressions in the best possible form come to the fore. A special feature of VALLEN JPegger is that it filters out duplicate image files you, which you can delete if necessary. Also works of VALLEN JPegger without installation, so that you can get started with the slideshow.

Description of the version: Vallen JPegger

The latest version 5.62 of VALLEN JPegger offers several advantages over the older versions of the software. The version 5.62 runs on the latest Windows 7, as well as on almost all other Windows operating systems. Also some language settings have been modified, so that also Romanians and Greeks can use the program without any problems. The encoding has been adapted and modified, so that it runs even more stable and you can better take advantage of the smart picture viewer.

The most important innovations of VALLEN JPegger version 5.62

• Program can be used on Windows 7
• Added new language files, including Greek and Romanian,
• Improved program structure for smoother and error-free operation

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