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µTorrent stable is a small, fast BitTorrent program with many useful features.



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  • Updated: 28.10.2013


uTorrent is a free, very lightweight BitTorrent client.

µTorrent stable offers a number of features that make very comfortable using very small program. In addition, that in addition to the size, system requirements are very low and µTorrent stable on your Windows PC as well as on your Mac is running. In addition to the installed client it is also possible, to operate the program through a Web interface in a browser.

Protocol encryption (PE) is one of the features supported by µTorrent stable. It is turned off by default, can be activated by you at any time via a menu function. The feature prevents, that your BitTorrent throttled by Internet service providers or even completely blocked. There are various opportunities available, how the protocol encryption to work. During the most BitTorrent support programs only peer-to-peer connections, using µTorrent stable also DHT (distributed hash table). DHT allows finding peers even when the Tracker is not available. Thus you can download data at any time via both methods and make available to others.

µTorrent stable supports UPnP (universal plug'n ' play), so that the connected devices are detected and you forward ports in your router, and can make the data available. A supported feature of µTorrent stable is the Super seeding mode. This mode allows you to minimize it, the amount of data from the original seed to a first upload as fully to accept. This can be especially interesting if need be paid for additional upload bandwidth or speed. A first upload to Super seed mode can save up to 20% of capacity. In addition, µTorrent stable supports your uploads and downloads with HTTPS and UDP trackers. An API (application programming interface) is currently for µTorrent stable in the test stage. About this there will be friends or other programmers, to access other applications on µTorrent stable.

The features of µTorrent stable:

• runs on Windows and Mac
• support protocol encryption
• for DHT and peer exchange
• Web interface available
• UPnP support
• supports Superseed

Background information on µTorrent stable and BitTorrent

The program is based on the original BitTorrent protocol and supports all current extensions. µTorrent stable is a development of BitTorrent Inc., founded by the developer of the BitTorrent protocol, the programmer Bram Cohen.

Description of the version: µTorrent

With µTorrent you can easily network spread your files via the BitTorrent and download. In the latest version, numerous bug fixes have been made so that you can download more safely. The utp Eack security vulnerability was fixed. Fixed issues with the UTP-ACK timer. Started and stopped events are now properly sent to trackers with several layers. The DLL vulnerability in conjunction with µTorrent was also fixed.

The changes of µTorrent in the 2.0.4 version stable

• The UTP EACK vulnerability was closed.
• Fixed error of UTP ACK timer.
• Are now properly sent signals that stop and start events to trackers with multiple layers.
• Numerous bug fixes.

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