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The tool USBDeview (32 bit) lists all connected and recently infected from USB devices.



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USBDeview (32 Bit)

Are you travel a lot with your laptop? For example in libraries, in college or in the workplace? Then there ever, that the PC is left unattended in the room while you just to smoke a cigarette or get a cup of coffee. With the USBDeview (32 bit), a free tool, you can secure your PC against data thieves.

The free tool USBDeview (32 bit) is smart: the software lists all USB devices that are connected to your laptop, as well as including those who were at disconnected. Also you can retrieve serial number, machine type, and drive letter from USB devices, so that you quickly recognize whether a stranger has sold out on your PC. To do this you need to follow just the path through the program interface, and the tool displays a table of USB devices you, which were connected to your PC. Thus, you're all peripherals into the handle with the version of USBDeview (32 bit).

The tool can do even more, it is an irregular USB Manager, with which you can no longer be used USB devices to the PC can disable. Overall, the (32 bit) software USBDeview is straightforward: you must only will download that runs without installation. Clear and understandable USBDeview (32 bit) tabular represents all USB devices. Therefore the software also for lay people, who want to play it safe is suitable.

The free program USBDeview (32 bit) in the workplace can be as particularly worthwhile. There it comes most to the data theft as the most prominent example in the wake of the Wikileaks affair. But also in mittlständischen and small enterprises it comes increasingly to data theft - due to poor security. A free USB interface is like an open door - you can monitor with the software USBDeview (32 bit). Usually, the data thieves are employees who can quickly be identified by means of ingenious software USBDeview (32 bit). Arm yourself against data thieves, because also your private data can be third party benefit.

Description of the version: USBDeview (32 Bit)

The USBDeview (32 bit) awaits you with a few new features. However, the tool now also for the operating systems Windows 2003 and server is compatible. In addition the tool fits also the Windows XP, Vista and 7 is pleasant common Microsoft systems already in the previous version, and that the software in German language is available and is still free. The new version of USBDeview (32 bit) is downloaded quickly and can be used immediately. In contrast to the previous version, the new version runs without frills, without slowing down the processor.

The most important innovations of USBDeview (32 bit) in the version 1.88

• Increased compatibility with operating systems
• Collection of all USB devices currently and previously connected to the PC
• Is barrier-free
• In German available
• Installable networks

USBDeview (32 Bit) usbdeview-32-bit

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