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USB image tool is ideal if needed many different data portable.



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USB Image Tool

The USB image tool is at all times, ready for anything, a friend has a PC problem? No problem, suitable image on the stick and already ready all important programs and data on demand.

USB image tool makes the hard drive to the USB storage. Does not matter whether you have one or more sticks, on which important data. You can create so-called out of them at lightning speed (depending on the size of the stick) images, so images, which are then stored on the hard drive of your PC. So you can create a backups of data, that you need not necessarily regularly or but putting images that can help in any emergency rebuke,. For example, an image that contains disk tools and one of the best games. Through the reduction of image on your USB flash drive, you can then select which to be played on and promptly have the necessary information on hand. Because sometimes MP3 players and mobile phones are recognized as USB memory, you can secure your music so; easily images like CD-player different transfer depending on the mood of the day on your playback device. Also the USB image tool provides you all the relevant data about your stick or your device and even a command line area holds for experienced users.

The ease of use of the program and the application possibilities make it an ideal solution for those who tamper much with USB sticks. Ideally, the demand for embroidery by the USB image tool even on a can be reduced. Assuming sufficient disk space for the images.

For the use of the USB image tool, .NET Framework 2.0 is imperative and must be installed on the PC. Get more information on the pages of Microsoft.

Description of the version: USB Image Tool

The new version of USB image tool fixes some problems with the creation of larger ZIP files by implementing the new versions of zlib (1.2.5) and minzip (1.1). In addition to the previous version, the 64-bit capabilities for dealing with ZIP files are supported. That should fix the error no longer usable ZIP files. If you're working so much with this kind of files, you should download the new version 1.57 mandatory. Also fixed some problems with the path finding.

New features of USB image tool in version 1.57

• Implementation of zlib
• Implementation of minizip\r
• Fixed a bug in the path finding
• Added support for 64-bit functions
• Fixed issues when creating ZIP files

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