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URL helper finds direct download links behind the various Streamingangeboten.



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URL Helper

Thanks to URL helper, it is easy to find out the addresses of various streamed data. Audio or video does not matter. URL helper helps you if you'd like to have your favorite video on your own computer, to archive it. Or your Internet connection is too weak to download larger files several times - to be able to see more often just to. URL helper allows you direct access to the files that you want.

All streaming providers accessed through URLs on the media content that display them. The files are so somewhere on their servers. Unfortunately, it is possible to find out the addresses of these files usually but not without another. You are hidden behind rows and rows of JavaScript or ActiveX code, which faces no normal user. That makes it very difficult to make the actual URLs of content. Here, URL helper comes into play.

URL helper takes the URLs to all possible streams in one simple step. To do this, it examines the traffic and filters striking patterns from the data stream and the scripts, to identify potential URLs and display. So URL helper allows you direct access to all the files that interest you. Also, URL helper offers you the possibility of automatically download these files also. Download of streams becomes child's play. If you wanted to always have you ever keep your favorite content from streams, you can download directly here URL helper.

URL helper - functions at a glance
• Find URLs to various Streamingangeboten
• Find HTTP, RTSP, MMS and RTMP addresses
• Loading the files on your hard disk that you are interested in automatically
• Works for real player, Flash, Windows Media, and many other Streamanbieter
• Find links for FLVs, MP4s, MP3s, WMVs, and many more

That's behind URL helper

URL helper is a development of StreamingStar Inc. Founded in 2002 StreamingStar has focused on products for streaming. It all began with HiDownload, a useful Download Manager. He was enthusiastically received around the world and available for download. After this unexpectedly beating success the developer decided to pursue only their vision: to give us all the direct access to the data behind all streaming offerings on the net. So they developed eight more products - including URL helper in the next four years. While they place more emphasis on quality and are constantly improving their products. Therefore they inspire each other again themselves to excellence. The best example of this unique work setting: the URL helper.

Description of the version: URL Helper

The current version of the URL helper has been expanded and offers you some useful new features faster successfully stop your search to a specific URL. It already enough if you know the name of the file and the server identify a URL to be. In one step, then show you a solution and find a file downloaded automatically for you.

The most important innovations in the current version of URL helper

• Automatically download of the file found
• Entering the file name and server address adequate
• Provide a single-step solution
• Improved user interface with design ansprechenderem
• Using multiple streaming addresses

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