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  • Windows 1.92 | 1.9.1

With Unlocker (32 bit), you can delete all the files on your computer and recover disk space.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 01.03.2014

Unlocker (32 Bit)

You surely know: you decided to clean up your computer and want to delete unneeded files. But then you have no access because the file is in use. Using the program Unlocker (32 bit) you can also delete files, used by a process.

Using the program Unlocker (32 bit), you can delete all files you no longer need on your computer. Unlike as in the normal delete function, you have now, you can optionally choose whether you want to remove files that are active in other processes. Unlocker (32 bit) can detect these processes you and let you decide how you want to proceed. So, you can select whether the file is to be deleted, moved, renamed or copied. Of course, you can stop the running process. You no longer get an annoying error message.

With a normal set up installing unlocker (32 bit) on your computer. This move you as described below. First, you select the components to be installed. Since you put then simply uncheck the points on "Check updates", "Entry in the Explorer" and "context menu and Wizard". Click on the "Install" button, and there we go. The program is attached to the auto-start file. Thus it suits you then with every reboot of your system. Do you want to save disk space, then you have the opportunity, Unlocker (32 bit) from the autorun file to remove and start manually if necessary. You can find the icon in the shortcut bar. Via the context menu, you may remove the check mark from the point of "Auto Start" no matter which version you choose. The program is now active and you can start with the removal of the files. To do this, open the Explorer and click on the appropriate file. In the context menu you can find now also Unlocker (32 bit). You go in manually, then the program logs automatically, if you want to delete a blocked file.

You should be careful when dealing with the program. Too quickly, it can happen that you accidentally remove a file, which is important for the system. If you are so not sure, then they liberated rather your computer.

Description of the version: Unlocker (32 Bit)

Using the program Unlocker (32 bit) in the 1.9.1 version you can delete files that are active in processes, move, rename or copy. Optionally, you can stop the running process. After free download of this latest version, the program adds itself automatically in the autorun file of your computer. In the current version, you can use the function "unlock all" delete the files. To prevent the placement of the ebay shortcuts on your computer screen, you put on the selection of components in the field of "ebay shortcuts" unticked.

Information and system requirements for the version 1.9.1:

• delete all files
• easy set-up on the computer
• can be started automatically or manually
• suitable for all operating systems from Windows 2000
• Freeware
• Disk space 783,3 KByte

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