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Unknown Horizons provides strategy, trade, diplomacy, simulation and fun game.



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Unknown Horizons

Unknown horizons is a 2D-Echtzeit-Wirtschaftssimulation. With strategy, trade and diplomacy, you create a new economy and a new world after the familiar gameplay of the Anno series.

After you install unknown horizons in English is set, in options you can change the language. Before you really start to play, you look at the tutorial first. This shows all the settings as well as the operation and control of individual elements. Then you start your game, you steer ships through the sea, exploring Islands and build up your first small settlement to you. You grow raw materials, build farms and later whole towns doing trade with your citizens, collect taxes and to gradually build up a new thriving world. But you should observe always the competition and keep them with much diplomacy in chess, so can't see your brave new world. Computer opponents you play in solo mode, unknown horizons are your competition, there is also a multiplayer mode, so you can play against your friends on a PC or over the Internet with other players around the world. To Exchange, you can find also a chat function in the game. All operations you will receive information on the screen. On a special display, you can build buildings or regulate services. The history of your world and your tasks will be displayed in a book to read. Your resources are the top of the screen and
Shows details about the environment. About the options you have the option to customize various settings to display or to the speed of the game.

Unknown horizons is an open-source project. Model is clearly the popular Ubisoft company's anno series. The first version was released in September 2010. Earlier versions are known under the name 'OpenAnno'.

Description of the version: Unknown Horizons

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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