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The Universal Viewer portable opens text -, video - and photo documents and much, much more.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Universal Viewer Portable

Universal Viewer portable is a kind of Swiss army knife, when it comes to the opening of different file formats. The Universal Viewer portable you will never again encounter files, which are not open.

In today's computer world, it is of the utmost importance that you at any time and on any device can play files in a variety of formats. The Universal Viewer portable helps you to cope with the seemingly endless number of different formats, are waiting for you in the computer everyday. If you simply have no time for each new file type the correct player to search for on the Internet, which is portable universal viewer the right choice for you. This handy little tool will be a great help, to open files in a variety of formats. The best most universal viewer portable is however, that you can use it even on the road.

Installed which is universal viewer portable you simply on a USB stick and run directly from it. Even if you need to work on a foreign computer, you can from the vast number of features and format supports the Universal Viewer portable benefit. You can open on the road so a wide variety of text files, photos and videos, and much more. You will be amazed what formats can handle the tool. You will have it very difficult, to a file, which cannot be opened with this useful little helpers. Also benefit from these possibilities and try the software just once!

The development of universal viewer portable
The Universal Viewer portable is the programmers of uvviewsoft developed by. The tool is extended consistently and made compatible with the new file formats.

Description of the version: Universal Viewer Portable

The Universal Viewer portable in the new version 5.5.3 makes his task in terms of opening different file formats just got better. Apart from the addition of Slovenian as the new system language now also compatible with Windows 7 improved as well as the compatibility with the Microsoft Office programs. Many program files have been updated, which are related with the unpack archives. Universal Viewer portable is thus to a better archiving program.

The innovations in the Universal Viewer portable 5.5.3

• Enhanced support of MS-Office programs
• Now even easier is the Unzip file archives
• It can be selected now Slovene as a language

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