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The universal Extractor extracts and unzipped child easy. In addition, he is now even faster.



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Universal Extractor

The universal Extractor helps you to extract data and to extract individual files from compressed archives and installation packages. Extractor in addition to the popular archive formats like ZIP is universal, RAR and many other formats with executable files, such as EXE or MSI rebuke. INF files you can from Setup to automatically pull out and then use or save. Hardware installations are simplified in this way. You can either an any archive, such as an .exe or .msi file of the user interface of universal Extractor Download or open the desired file from the context menu of Windows. Universal Extractor detects and checks the respective Pack algorithm and then unzipped the contents.

The latest version of universal Extractor offers you an improved application especially with Vista. The FEAD, LZMA, RAIU and WIM formats now better and UniExtract and TrID have also been updated. In General, is the version have been cleaned up by little corners and edges and runs faster now on your PC. In the portable version you can use universal the extractor even without installation, such as a USB stick on any Windows-PC with any data on the hard disk are written.

• Extract of all popular file formats
• Unpack and extract also executable files such as EXE and MSI
• Accurate extract of individual components
• Replaced the Unzipper
• Portable version for use on USB sticks available
• Revised for Vista and Windows 7

The universal Extractor you can use with all popular Windows operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, and XP. The latest revision makes the program for Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible. All in all is the universal Extractor a very useful tool that can be easily applied in different discharge Pack operations and facilitates the uncompress and extract data and executable files. See for yourself and you the universal Extractor Download now for free via the download function on this page.

The features of universal extractor in the overview:

Wallpapers to packed files and universal Extractor

The history of packed files goes back to the year 1989, as the popular ZIP format was introduced and since then steadily expanded by the American Phil Katz. The universal Extractor has the advantage that he can select individual file items and extract without the extensive context. The Extractor is not archiving software and also not as WinRAR, etc. designed, but as a supplement to the common discharge Pack programs such as WinZip, thought.

Description of the version: Universal Extractor

The current version of the universal extractor can now optimized innovations demonstrate that you still make it easier, to open packed files and extracted to pass to a folder of your choice. While you can with this program make no filings for open but almost all formats and extract very clearly and quickly. If desired, the software for you automatically creates a target folder and renames it.

The most important innovations of the current version of universal Extractor.

• Extract all file formats
• clearer user interface with structured layout
• automatic naming of destination folders if you wish
• extract the files without waiting time faster

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