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The uninstall Manager manages programs and facilitates their uninstallation.



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Uninstall Manager

A tool to manage, sort, modify, and uninstall of all programs installed on Windows comes with uninstall Manager on your computer. Remove faster than previously unnecessary software.

There are countless installed programs that you used probably possible only once and no longer need on your computer. Each installed software consumes valuable disk space on your hard disk the better think free programs that you really need. You will notice that your computer works faster, less unnecessary programs on the hard disk are stored. Sometimes uninstalling unused software however caused problems or this is not completely removed from the computer. Uninstall Manager is a software management program. It helps you reliably, quickly, and completely remove unwanted software from your PC.

It finds the uninstall Manager registry entries, which were previously missing, and removes them on request. First and foremost it goes very quickly and without hassle, when compared to the operating system software. The straightforward and clear structure of the software uninstall Manager allows you for example to search specifically for certain programmes and entries in the register database and to delete them or to make changes. It displays sorted all installed software to date, with program name, version number, size, and date and time of installation. With one-click "Uninstall Wizard Uninstall on the command" ploppt on and removed the unneeded software. This applies also for programs that can be otherwise difficult uninstall or registry entries, which uninstall can no longer be called.

Description of the version: Uninstall Manager

The advantage of uninstall Manager to of operating system its own program for managing and uninstalling on Windows is its speed. On the other hand also entries can be removed with the tool completely, which uninstall can no longer be called. A clear ordering of all installed programs provides a quick overview of common or unnecessary software. A targeted search for orphaned registry entries in the registration database is also possible.

Provides the current version of uninstall Manager

• Management of all installed programs
• Clarity and sorting options
• Rapid location of unused software
• Complete uninstall of unwanted software
• Search for orphaned entries in the registration database

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