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If you want to animate your GIF images simply and quickly, the UnFREEz may be a meaningful relief program. The program can be easily operated without any special programming knowledge.

The UnFREEz program was developed by the programmer Matt Whitlock WhitSoft development and created from any number of GIF images moving images in the form of animations. It is easy to use and can be downloaded easily. To unpack of the program, you can use traditional software like IZArc or similar pack programs. The advantage to the UnFREEz program is that it is completely free of charge.

Creating GIF images with this software is simple and fast. You need only a selection to meet what photos you want to animate, to drag the files into the designated program window and the mouse button to confirm the operation. Immediately starts the generator and the program works. Of course a corresponding preliminary work with another graphics program should be carried out prior to the construction of the GIF files. In addition, the required files in the same format, for example, should be stored. This not only means that the file name must be the same, but still, that the original image height, width and resolution must be the same with the other animated images. Only after this operation all files can also by UnFREEz are read and edited.

The program is available for all common Windows operating systems. In addition, there are corresponding versions for Linux and Mac. With its small size, the regular updates, as well as its resource friendly, UnFREEz is a valuable freeware program that simply combines image processing and animation.

Description of the version: UnFREEz

The current version of the GIF animation program UnFREEz underwent some changes after its last update, which will greatly facilitate you the creation of GIF animations. On one hand a renovated interface facilitates the operation of the program and makes it look even more vivid. On the other hand managed to reduce time for animations the developers, so that only the juxtaposition of thousands GIFs noticeable loading times occur again. Also the image delays are now much more adjustable than the previous version.

The most important innovations of the current version at a glance

• The interface is completely renewed
• The time for creating the animation is much shorter
• Image delays can be set more accurately to a multiple

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