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Remote maintenance easily made and quick to install, with UltraVNC, it all goes.



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You need PC Help or you want to help someone with such modern programs for remote transmission of the screen will be very useful. UltraVNC can and much more. It is also free of charge.

Many have already experienced that a friend had problems with the PC and asking for help. On the phone is attempting in this case to clarify the issue. Slowly, it explains each step and made on the PC, so that no step is omitted. In the end it didn't work out then but often yet and you went to the person, to clean up the problem personally. However it happened more often then, that you had forgotten his CD with the main programs at home. With UltraVNC, all that is past, because you can't let this tool now much more effective to help your friends or help you in turn by others.

The little tool is easily installed on both computers. While you are installing the client, if you want to help, friends and whoever installs the server of the UltraVNC tools with the problem. Now you can easily connect to the server and have the screen of another computer on your. You can work in the interface as you would sitting just in front of the PC. With various setting options customize in particular but to the speed your lines the program to your needs. The lines are faster, the better is the transmission. At today's DSL lines you can set it generally, that the window looks just like the desktop of the other. It looks like a work in real time. UltraVNC is directly with different ways of communicating, with which you can contact the user on the other line and instruct. You need key programs, on the other PC you can transfer these directly from your PC on the other.

Description of the version: UltraVNC

The current version of UltraVNC comes with a number of features and was further adapted to modern systems. The programmers have you improved the file transfer and further expanded. You can also transfer now even videos and stream. For the safety aspect, it was important that the secure transmission was further expanded by UltraVNC. This has already happened. You or the one have multiple screens, on the other side of the line they are now also supported.

Innovations and improvements in UltraVNC

• The file transfer has been improved and expanded
• It is now possible to transfer videos and stream
• Improved continue to transfer security

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