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With UltraSurf you move totally undetected and without leaving traces on the Internet.



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Anonymous surfing on the Web - that promises this application.

If you much in the Internet on the move or are an Internet newbie, then security for you is very important. With the UltraSurf program to protect you and your computer against virtual attacks. Another advantage for you is that you can move completely anonymous on the Internet. In addition, all cookies are automatically deleted.

Identifies your computer on the Internet at the IP address. It is practically the address under which you are to find in the Internet. Without that it's not possible to send data to a specific recipient. This one also has an IP address. Just imagine that're writing a letter. On the envelope be your sender and the address of the recipient. The post is thus in a position to deliver the letter. The IP addresses have the same function and the "post" is the router. However, there is a significant difference, you know. The IP address is not non-mobile.

The principle is certainly not news to you. If you want to be unrecognized in the Internet, then you have a program that makes you almost invisible now with UltraSurf. The principle is simple. After downloading UltraSurf a virtual protection switches similar to a firewall between the browser and your network connection. Your IP address is obscured by redirecting all your activities on the Internet via a so-called proxy server. As you certainly know, the proxy server is an operator on the Internet. He takes your requests and establishes the connection to the appropriate page. It specifies no longer your address, but that of the intermediary.

Completing your activities on the Internet, then the history and cookies are deleted by UltraSurf automatically. So can no longer reflects, which pages you have visited on the Internet. You can therefore safely surf the Internet without leaving any traces of your activities. Main advantage for you is that you surf double ultra after downloading with one easily can start. Once active, it redirects always reliably your IP address on the proxy server. Even if you're an Internet newbie, you'll have no problems. Your first foray into the World Wide Web can be done completely anonymously.

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