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UltraMon (32 bit) gives you an ideal tool for working with a multiple-monitor system.



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UltraMon (32 Bit)

Many avid computer fans have connected to your computer today not only one, but often even two screens. If you're one of these users, you will be thrilled by the UltraMon (32 bit) program. Thus, you have the ability to drive two monitors at the same time.

The term multi-monitor system conceals a computer workstation, where multiple, mostly two monitors are connected to a computer. Both are connected to a graphics card. Advantage for the user is that the display area usually doubled. That certainly is nothing new for you to everything. First and foremost, if you have installed already, so a system with you at home or at work. With UltraMon (32 bit), you will have in the future a lot more fun at work, or with the use of this technique. The program performs some changes yourself, and you're actually needed only as a spectator.

After you install UltraMon (32 bit), you can get started. On your two screens, you will notice two new buttons first. You will find above them right at the edge of the screen, and as you correctly guessed, these buttons belong to UltraMon (32 bit). You click on a button, the window that is currently active will be moved automatically. You can find it either on the next the following monitor, or it is just magnified represented. The big picture includes both monitors. Another advantage of UltraMon (32 bit) is that each monitor has its own specific taskbar. In this you will find only the Programmicons that can be seen on the monitor. You also have the possibility to create different display profiles. In these, you simply save the various configuration settings. This is a significant workload for you. Later you can then just hop back and forth between the various profiles.

Various functions facilitate the handling you. So, you can set the screen saver, for example, for each monitor. Have you created a presentation, then the function "Clone" offers the possibility to display them simultaneously on multiple monitors you. If you need to present a professional work or similar, you can guarantee so that all listeners can view your presentation. This feature requires Windows 2000 or XP however.

Description of the version: UltraMon (32 Bit)

The program was developed by Realtime Soft. It makes you work with a multiple-monitor system. This version brings you the opportunity to view a presentation on multiple screens at the same time with the function "Clone". You can set a separate saver for every screen. Should multiple users work on the screens, you can create different user profiles. If you want to use the program on your computer, you will need a suitable graphics card driver. This should support at least the standard multi-monitor mode.

Notes on ultra Mon (32 bit) - shareware can be used 30 days free

• Shareware tool for 30 days.
• Each screen has its own taskbar be
• Creation of user profiles
• Operating system: Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
• Disk space requirements: 2.3 MBte

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