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Become a professional programmer with the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) and encode your own data.



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UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) is a text-editing program. It supports text, HEX code, HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and all other common programming languages. With him, you will in just a few hours to programming professional. It allows a disk-based text editing and support for large files you, even if you have 4 GB volume. You need a minimum amount of memory for huge files. That much easier dealing with such data sizes. In addition, you can edit several files at the same time. The toolbar in the new UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) you can put together yourself and customize according to your needs.

In the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) searching easier you much, since the search dialog for search and replace can search even for multiline search terms. The spelling supports you in dealing with the spelling and orthography. You can check up to 100,000 words in the various languages and correct. The user interface of the new UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) is self-explanatory, and by means of practical tab system also very easy to use. You need no long introduction to the programming and can get started after downloading. But also as a professional programmer you will work with the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) have much fun.

In the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) there is the Unicode support and a code-folding. The built-in FTP client in the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) provides access to FTP server. You can manage multiple accounts and their settings and organize. UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) has a built-in scripting language and a configurable keyboard and quick access keys. You can easily encrypt files and decrypt it again. Very sensitive source code can in the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) will be encrypted with its own key.

What can UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) use:

• as a substitute for the Notepad
• Network development
• System Administration
• programming
• to compare files
• for user settings

System requirements for UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German):

You need for the UltraEdit (v16. 00.0 - German) the operating system Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 and an Intel Pentium 4 processor.

Description of the version: UltraEdit

The new UltraEdit in version 16 is a perfectly suitable tools for the creation of source code for your own software, like its predecessor. It is now possible to allow colour to highlight individual lines. Green lines show you content already stored, red markers indicate changes to the source code that have not been backed up by you. Also, the display of the toolbar was renovated from the ground up.

The main new features of UltraEdit

• Redesign the function list with tree structure
• Definition of your own categories
• Colour line marking
• Showing and hiding rows that contain a search term
• Selected text can be provided with block comments
• Better indicator for read only access

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