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With Ulead GIF Animator Lite GIF animations even for lay people are no longer a problem.



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Ulead GIF Animator Lite

Ulead GIF Animator Lite is a slimmed-down version of the graphics program Ulead GIF Animator, specializing in Web graphics. Ulead GIF Animator Lite has fewer features, is it free and fully usable.

Ulead GIF Animator Lite is an easy to use program to create GIF animations for the Internet. The program allows you to add with a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface, images and frames as well as arranged, arbitrarily set the animation speed or to generate a convenient preview of your animations. From individual images, you can create quick and easy simple movements with the included basic tools. Ulead GIF also animator Lite various graphic effects and filters, to put the finishing touches to the own animations.

To store your finished animations, Ulead GIF Animator Lite includes some presets optimized for Web graphics that automatically analyze the file size and adjust the animations. This ensures that your animations for your viewers and customers appear quickly and correctly.

Ulead is a leading manufacturer of graphics programs. Especially in dealing with Web graphics, the company proves its strengths - particularly the application of Ulead GIF Animator, one of the best-known and most frequently used programs by Ulead. Ulead GIF Animator Lite is a slimmed-down version that is has, instead free and fully usable with fewer features. For many tasks is the Ulead GIF Animator Lite perfectly sufficient and also boasts its well-arranged menu than its big brother. The program is available in English for all current Windows operating systems and requires no two megabytes disk space.

Description of the version: Ulead GIF Animator Lite

Ulead GIF Animator Lite there is so far only in the basic version, Ulead GIF Animator but thanks to his big brother already has all the necessary tools and functions, to implement GIF animations for the Internet quickly and easily. Creation, processing up to the storage, all necessary steps will be covered and also understandable displayed thanks to a clearly arranged menu navigation. In addition, the program is completely free and fully usable.

The main features of Ulead GIF Animator Lite version 1.0

• The program covers all relevant processes to create Web graphics
• Contains all important functions of the Ulead GIF Animator
• Can be used completely free of charge and without restrictions

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