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The game UFO - alien invasion offers a large number of tactical challenges.



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UFO - Alien Invasion

The tactical game UFO - alien invasion is a real challenge for every computer player. UFO - alien invasion offers a large number of weapons, enemies, and maps, on which the nail-biting fights are held.

If you you can inspire for tactical games on your computer and there is not enough supply to new challenges in the form of new game titles from this area for you, UFO - alien invasion actually is the perfect software for you. The game UFO - alien invasion offers everything that calls out for a real tactician like you on the computer. In a science-fiction scenario, an invasion of aliens using must be repulsed by modern armed force. The game will convince you with a large number of different Active opponents and an extensive arsenal of weapons. The title takes place in real time, but adjust the speed according to. Thus, you have enough time, in unclear situations fast enough to react and bring down your opponents. You should necessarily even see invasion UFO - alien!

In UFO - alien invasion to as the player build a base and conduct your operations from here. A certain budget available, with which you need to equip your army to send them properly prepared in the fight's. UFO - alien invasion is this extremely complex and faces new challenges at you.

The development of UFO - alien invasion
The tactical game UFO - alien invasion is being developed by an independent programmer team from Germany. The software under free license will be sold, Martin Gerhardy is significantly responsible for the project. The software is based on the large commercial tactics games of the past such as X-com and is continuously extended and improved.

Description of the version: UFO - Alien Invasion

The tactical game UFO - alien invasion in the new version 2.3.1 brings a number of improvements. For example many of the cards have been extended as the forest as the input for the alien base. Many textures resolution variants were replaced by significantly higher and make a better impression now. Also, the modding capabilities have been extended, now allows you a more comprehensive adaptation of the software to your ideas. Also, the cards are compiled faster.

The new capabilities of UFO - alien invasion 2.3.1

• Maps were improved and extended
• New of maps can now be compiled
• Which customization options of the game to their desires were expanded

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