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The transfer printer allows you to automate repetitive tasks.



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Who doesn't know that? The new month starts and the next payments are due back. If it not as wonderful, his computer could be used also for this annoying process? You can do just that with the new transfer printer. Everyone has recurrent transfer orders, such as rent, electricity and telephone. The transfer printer allows you to create a series of ongoing orders, you can print then simply and easily individually. With the integrated journal in the new transfer printer, you keep always the overview of all already printed jobs.

You can easily and quickly download the current transfer printer and install on your computer with just one click. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you need no prior knowledge of such programs. Any layman can use the transfer printer. Guide you through the sections of the creation of your transfers Wizard and help tags. Finally, you can save all data with only one handle and print. The current transfer printer supports all transfer formats.

You forgot the Bank and only the bank routing number? Or just the name? This is not a problem for the current transfer printer. You have to enter only name or Bank in the built-in database Finder and the transfer printer finds itself, independently, in the necessary data. So you can create professional transfer media, with which you can make sure that you did nothing wrong. Your data will be stored and automatically entered in the next job through the current transfer printer. So you have to constantly enter certain information. This saves you a lot of time and reduces the spelling mistakes that can happen in such routine tasks.

The new transfer printer at a glance

• Regularly used data management
• An overview of all already printed transfers
• supports all major transfer formats
• created a series of recurrent orders
• integrated bank filter
• user-friendly operation

System requirements for the current transfer printer

You need a Microsoft Windows operating system for the new transfer printer and your computer should have a free disk space of roughly 1,200 kilobytes a processor from the Intel Pentium II. Otherwise, the program has no special requirements to your computer.

Description of the version: Überweisungsdrucker

With the new transfer printer, you can easily print out your transfer forms and manage. New: The program remembers all previously executed transactions and can reuse the data if necessary. Also transfer forms in series can create and print - now also alphabetically or sorted according to processing order. In addition, the software now also entering the Bank can automatically detect the appropriate financial institution.

All the advantages of the new transfer printer at a glance:

• Creation of transfers in the series format
• Already carried out transactions are stored
• Data can be reused if necessary
• Will be inserted automatically on the basis of the bank financial institutions

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