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The Ü-egg-Manager tells you missing figures, created friends Exchange lists and helps you to collect.



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The Ü-egg-Manager is intuitive. Simply open the Ü-egg-Manager and browse all German figure series since 1981. Click on a figure in the Ü-egg-Manager and view information and an image in color to the corresponding character. Choose different characters and create a HTML list in the Ü-egg-Manager, which you can print out and use to collect. Keep your collection using Ü egg Manager at a glance, so you always know which figures you need or can be redeemed. The Ü egg Manager supports you in your favourite hobby.

Of course to update the Ü-egg-Manager over the Internet, so that you always have the latest figure series on your computer and go to your passion with system. Click "Add" after the launch of the Ü-egg Manager and add even figures including images in .jpg format to. On push of a button the Ü-egg-Manager in a statistics can indicate which figures still missing you or which you already have. But also for the double figures the Ü-egg-Manager can be printed easily exchange lists friends. And it is easier than you think, because even computer beginners can handle the Ü-egg-Manager. Use the free search to show you the Ü-egg Manager in instant individual characters or entire series.

The Ü-egg-Manager you can here download and try it free for 30 days! Simply click on the download button to start the download of Ü-egg Manager.

The functions of Ü-egg Manager overview:

• All German HPF series from 1981.
• A very simple control.
• Create Exchange and Sammellisten.
• Find a series or single figures.
• Completeness or missing characters are displayed.
• Add your own characters including pictures added.

The success story of the Ü eggs

The Italian company Ferrero produces the Ü eggs and the figures contained in the Interior, which are very popular with collectors. Each year brought worldwide approximately 20 new series on the market that can sometimes greatly increase in value. On this occasion, there are annually updated price catalogs, but the actual value is usually 40-70% than those catalog prices. Nevertheless, many collectors are enthusiastic worldwide by the figures. For years, Ferrero also cooperates with well-known right-holders and licensed products on the market that appear such as with movies brings each year. Professional collectors can achieve a success rate of 75% by shaking and listening (from abroad also by analyzing the serial number). But also people who collect not professionally, can get hold of the one or the other figure, because finally, Ferrero promises a figure in every seventh egg. The Ü-egg Manager helps not only professional collectors.

Description of the version: Ü-Ei-Manager

Manage your Ü-egg figures now even easier with the new Ü-egg-Manager II. Here are all the German series since 1981 and can be displayed as images. Also adding new figures is no problem. A statistic reliably represents what characters are missing you and what series you're already completely. Emphasizes ease of operation makes the Ü-egg-Manager II for beginners on the PC.

The new Ü-egg-Manager II at a glance

• Contains all series since 1981
• Can each figure as a JPG will be shown
• Easy to use even for beginners
• Internet updates included
• Statistics which are complete
• Simple print in HTML format

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