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Tzstrip-poker-II finally brings your mood in the poker game for you! Here are the covers!



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The game area of Tzstrip-poker-II is divided into two areas. The five beauties, you can play against Tzstrip-poker-II, is located on the left side of the screen. Only an opponent, however, are there in the trial version of Tzstrip-poker-II. There is the room in which the game itself takes place in a smaller image area on the right side of the screen. You can take off the clothes of the beauties to successful game. This includes of course a poker face, clever bluffs, the increase of contributions and offer!

Also in the Tzstrip-poker-II is the variant of the card game Poker, in which with respect to the use of no property or money must be used, but the dashing Fummel of opponents as the value being offered. Tzstrip-poker-II, they lose the game, they must drop her a piece of clothing (English: to strip the same Strip). Also, you want to illustrate also the analogy to the striptease called Strip Poker. Playing Strip Poker, so also at Tzstrip-poker-II, is of course the fun (schadenfreude or erotic) in the foreground and not the depth of the game, or the technique of the poker game. Thus, this stripping game and hence Tzstrip-poker-II of popularity enjoys.

Interested Tzstrip poker even meant that in May 2010 in Germany for the first time a Strip Poker Championship on the stage is gone. The first German Strip Poker Championship tournaments were held in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden and Cologne. Many participants knew each other from their experience with Tzstrip-poker-II or his predecessor Strip Poker.

Characteristics of Tzstrip-poker-II

• two erotic areas
• five hot chicks left
• Spielfäche right
• an opponent in the trial version
• Here are the covers
• Bluffing has bare breasts

The history of online strip poker

Tzstrip-poker-II is implemented the poker game as a computer game. Here, the other with moving, or static, female, photo models are simulated. This game lost their hulls drop, which so even the boring maps kloppen finally has an end! In the 1980s came the first versions of these computer games such as Tzstrip-poker-II for the former home PCs on the market. Compared to the first pioneer games, which could still offer such as today's games, not the same gameplay from today's perspective, Tzstrip-poker-II of course has the advantage of the technical conditions make possible a very different game than was the case 30 years ago.

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