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Watch TV from all over the world can the TVU player easily on the computer receive.



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The installation and operation of the TVU player is straightforward and easy. After you've downloaded the installer, he must just be running. Then you just follow the instructions on the screen. The collection of all available channels are located on the left side in the window of the TVU player. A search function is included to filter out certain channels. The top bar of the TVU player was made a subdivision of the channels available. By clicking on news, sports, music or cartoon you can show you all relevant channels for each topic. The flag next to the Canal is the location of the transmitter on and in which language the station is broadcasting his program. If you need help once, to find a specific show in TVU player, so there are numerous Internet sites, which direct links to various events, such as a basketball broadcast,. By clicking the link launches the TVU player and connects automatically.

The TVU player has more functions. So, you can create a Favorites list that you find easy your favorite programs at any time. A relatively new feature is the ability to record all programs via the TVU player, later again to look at it. This must be pressed only on the red button at the bottom of the control panel of the TVU player, and already the TVU player is your favorite show. It is not only possible to receive channels, but also to send with the TVU player. This requires only a computer broadcasting television programs. Many of the channels that are available through the TVU player available, supplied by private users in the network with the TVU player.

The TVU player can be easily downloaded from our site. You simply just click on the download button and start your download with high speed. The TVU player requires relatively little disk space and consumes few system resources. Thus, it is possible to run the program without affecting the performance of the overall system.

TVU player, other functions

• Receive free of charge all programs provided.
• Send your favorite programs over the network worldwide.
• Record all shipments.
• Easily navigate through the built-in program menu.
• The program is compatible with all major operating systems.
• The program is easy to install and operate.

The history of the TVU player

The TVU Networks Corporation, which provides the TVU player, was founded in 2005 in mountain view California. Everyone can offer individual channels on the TVU network.

Description of the version: TVU-Player

With the TVU player it's possible to receive worldwide almost all television programmes. Since the TVU Player download version the Firefox of the TVU Player plugin with Firefox version 3.6 is compatible. The design has been improved to subscribe to a channel. The NSIS installation script has been improved to work better with Windows Vists, Windows 7 and UAC.

The many features of the TVU Player version

• TVU plugin compatible with the version 3.6 of Firefox
• Log on the menu to sign up on a channel has received a new design
• Improved NSIS Installationskrip for use with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and UAC

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