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The TV total Nippelboard is a funny entertainment deposit for the apartment party.



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TV Total Nippelboard

Feel you like Stefan Raab personally. With the TV total Nippelboard is possible without further ADO. The small Flash has many original sayings from the Pro7 show in stock and can entertain you and your friends.

Once to feel, like Stefan Raab want many, when they see the show TV total, and would love to even the buttons on his "TV total Nippelboard" press.

In his show TV total Stefan Raab's team in the run-up to record again and again funny TV excerpts and picks out the funniest and most interesting proverbs from this. These are then usually presented in the broadcast. Based on the reaction of the audience, so if these are very amused or, less likely, the one or other area on the Nippelboard make it then. In the original of show, the buttons raise mostly the tone in connection with a video. On your personal Nippelboard, you raises, however, only the sound, which is the real thing but in his Witzigkeit.

You can now do this with the Flash application TV total Nippelboard. The small file brings you the original Board, just as it has on his desk, home Stefan Raab. You can gather your friends and family at home on the couch with you and personally miming Stefan Raab. Many quotes from the current programme are available on the Board and formally invite after another to press a button and animate guests laugh. You can also simply shock you with bawdy slogans. The individual spells or buttons are equipped with adhesive labels that give you a rough impression what might come around with the single button. There are slogans such as: "Son of a bitch", "of alone", "Head", "Can't do this" and "Fuck me in the ass". Many more exist total Nippelboard in the TV.

Description of the version: TV Total Nippelboard

The TV total Nippelboard is a video and therefore also only exists in a version. Thanks to its stable running of programs written in Flash, an update is usually not necessary. To get the whole thing up and running, you need the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. You can then either the installed file even start, or open it in your browser. The view in the browser the clarity is at the angnehmsten and to recommend.

Features and Interassentes in the Nippelboard

• Many different spells, the to the listen to invite
• Because it is a Flash file on virtually any PC running
• Opens itself or in a browser

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