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With the new TV-browser, you immediately have your entire TV program at a glance.



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The TV-browser, an open-source software, provides the program in the next few weeks for almost all German TV and radio stations for free. Agent Setup Wizard and plug-in the you can establish your personal guide.

After installing the software starts the Setup Wizard of the TV-browser. This automatically detects your Internet connection and then starts the search. From all found channels you can choose for which channels you want to receive details of the program, they can sort and assemble your list to friends. Did you do all of the information in the wizard, you will be shown your program guide. Using the scroll bar, you get to the desired station, or to the desired time. You can show you details of the program and a separate list all currently running programs will be displayed. The TV-browser offers many additional features, you can color highlight shows, remember, set up favorite shows or enter a show as the date in your calendar or email. With free plug-in the you have the possibilities to expand the functions of the TV-browser, or to set up new features. You can change also the appearance, you can move some of the info boxes in other places and you can download more themes. With us you can download for free TV-browser you. "Java Runtimes" must be installed on your computer, so you can use it.

The TV-browser is an open-source project and thus freely available. The development began in 2002. In the years 2004 and 2008, the development increased as fees for the use of the program data required only the "ProSiebenSat1 media" and later the "VG"media. Thus, the developers were forced to take some programs from the offer, and decreased the number of users. After various petitions and negotiations program data have been provided again free of charge. Since then, TV-browser is constantly developed.

Description of the version: TV-Browser

Starting today, your magazine is superfluous, because the new TV-browser shows you the complete range of all German television and more recently radio stations on your PC. Even short-term changes can be taken into account in the latest version of the software. Also you can show you all items clearly and now completely ad-free. Also a remote control is possible in the new version: so you're quite sure never missing your favorite TV shows.

The latest version of the TV browser at a glance

• short notice changes now appear
• new version now free of charge and ad-free available
• integrates new remote control function
• now also new with the program for 100 radio stations

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