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Tux Paint is a painting and drawing program for children. It is easy to understand and extensive.



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Tux Paint

So that your children can use the Tux Paint's paint program, you can download this free of charge. It is available for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. After downloading, you can install the installer and stamps. After installing Tux Paint will be configured by the user to his individual needs. This can affect the desired screen size, language, or other selection options.

Tux Paint has a light and clear surface operation. For children who can read, the menu system is clearly broken down. It has various tools that can be found on different buttons. You can find a small selection of tools such as painting, stamps, lines, shapes, text, magic, Eraser and much more in the drawing program Tux Paint. In addition, there a variety of stamp in contrast to other painting and drawing program, with Tux Paint. Show your friends the great results of your own painted images!

• Get to know the various forms
• Paint a funny picture by using the different stamp
• Hear the animal sounds while painting, and learn English at the same time.
• Printing and saving your images is very easy.
• Show your friends your self painted pictures!
• Browse through the huge selection of stamps

You see a bar at the bottom of the user interface of Tux Paint, which describes the form or meaning of the stamp is available. In some forms, objects or living beings is pronounced about the acoustic playback of a voice in English, to see whats on the screen. Operations such as such as an eraser are rendered with a this typical sound. This funny effect, Tux Paint is fun and can be a great advantage for the learning process for you or your child. The selection of the stamp is up and down and left and right. It was taken with Tux Paint, that the respective bar themed around a bar with animals, cars, flowers, etc. That's why the Tux Paint provides time friends a good clarity.

The game at a glance:

Background to the game

Linus Torvalds launched Linux in 1991 in the life. Since then, every user has the right to change the software Tux Paint or to pass on after the confirmation of the license agreement. Tux is the mascot of Linux. Tux Paint is open source software like Linux, as a result of the program code for any programmer is freely available. This means that the source code is always visible and changeable. This free programmer Tux Paint and others can continue to develop programs on Linux, and you can also download the improved versions as a consumer.

Description of the version: Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a paint program specifically aimed at children. Version 0.9.21 is playable on current versions of Windows. Two files, the main program and the stamp, which optionally can be downloaded are available for download. The latest version added new tools, such as a rainbow tool or the fish-eye effect. The initial screen in white or transparent is easier now. In addition, you can use Tux Paint now also available in new languages.

This is new in the Tux Paint version 0.9.21

• simple background screen in white or transparent
• Language settings changes: added new languages
• Support other language and sign systems, such as Arabic
• new tools added

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