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Turtle Odyssey 2 game offers pure jump & run. Ozzy will fight in every heart.



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Turtle Odyssey 2

Turtle Odyssey 2 is told in a small story, which is represented in the form of a book. The levels themselves are expired on a map. At the start of turtle Odyssey 2 six choices you ready. Under player it's possible to change your name, with points you can see the status of the leaderboard and see options you can adjust volume. Also enables turtle Odyseey 2, that under the last mentioned selection button the size of the game window, full screen or window, can be adjusted. Offered continues to you, to change the quality from low to high, depending on your system requirements; and it will be you in Odyseey 2 turtle optional, if you want to have an introduction to the Declaration of the game enabled or disabled in the first levels. In turtle Odyssey 2 using the arrow keys to control Ozzy. You can jump with the left mouse button or the up arrow. Furthermore, you can eliminate opponents.

In turtle Odyssey 2 you travels with Ozzy from level to level. Your task is to find all rubies hidden in a level. Only through this can be in turtle Odyssey 2 the doors open, to get to the next level. Opponents in turtle Odyssey 2 water Hedgehog, worm or malicious fish are. Just as well that Ozzy has a helpful friend on his side, who masters some level together with him: the seahorse. It applies in addition to the important rubies, to collect many coins. They serve you to get extra lives. In addition, you can find gold bars, secret places, treasure chests, and lucky star. The latter helps you, after full Terminal of a level, from a total of six bonus stations to play through one.

After each completed level, you will receive an evaluation of the game in turtle Odyssey 2. The number of defeated opponents, as well as of all collected items will be. Have you collected successfully all lucky star that turns turtle Odyssey 2 wheel of fortune for you, either to make their way into bonus level you, or more useful items, like for example coins in enormous amount to press on. You can get the game here.

That brings you turtle Odyssey 2:

• pure jump and run game fun
• animated loving characters and details
• 50 Level
• 6 Bonus levels
• Wheel of Fortune after each level
• secret places that are discover

Turtle Odyssey 2 is the successor of the successful first part of BluefishGames. Scores of manufacturers not only with turtle Odyssey 2, on the contrary: he has many other fascinating games in addition to Turtle Odyssey 2 in his repertoire. Each is an individual firecracker and offers new gameplay. Whether hidden object pictures, logic games, jump and run or card and board games, for years implemented creative ideas original.

Description of the version: Turtle Odyssey 2

With the new version of turtle Odyssey turtle Ozzy go on an exciting adventure. The new version of the funny platformer n'run game has 50 brand new levels in a magical underwater world for you. To get 6 new bonus level and 17 new dangerous opponent, you have to turn off targeted jumps. With an improved graphics you can go now with Ozzy on the trip.

New features in the version of turtle Odyssey

• 50 new and exciting level in a magical underwater world
• 6 new bonus level
• 17 new dangerous opponent
• Required operating system for the new version: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista

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