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Turret Wars Retro is the absolute arcade classics for your PC computer or Mac.



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Turret Wars Retro

Turret Wars Retro is a high speed arcade game, where you have to take out the guns of computer opponents with your artillery. Turret Wars Retro will delight you with its versatility and the playful possibilities that it offers you. Turret Wars Retro is completely in 3D and impressed by the quality of its texture and its level of detail. Seldom before arcade games on your PC have been so much fun. You will feel, as you stood in the middle of an arcade Hall to a real slot machine.

Turret Wars Retro four artillery pieces, with which you can turn off your enemies are friends. The cannon of the Federation about has a particularly high shot RADIUS, the artillery of the Imperial has a high armor and a high impact. Turret Wars Retro even the spacemen are represented as well as the Techdroids, whose Projektile can fly very fast. Select the page whose Stärken fit, the best to you and take the fight. The gun of opponent selects above mentioned at random from the.

Turret Wars Retro can unsubscribe battles on many different cards, in sand and ice deserts, lunar landscapes, in the mountains or even in an island paradise. Turret Wars Retro leaves nothing to be desired. Collect bonus items that can assist you in your struggle and your opponents tremble too eagerly.

Other features of Turret Wars Retro:

• 4 Political groups
• 9 different cards
• Kit deliver new opponent
• 7 different powerups
• 4 Levels of difficulty
• 9 Multi player opponents possible

Who is behind Turret Wars Retro

Turret Wars Retro is developed by the Developer Studio Sector3 games. Sector3 Games 1999 was established and was involved in many software projects. They developed not only for Windows PCs and Mac, but also for the Internet and mobile devices, as well as for consoles games. Sector3 games is certainly the fact that you have to go in the store to buy their games, but one fully relies on Internet sales, as well as with Turret Wars Retro also. If you want to buy the game after a period of testing, you can for Turret Wars Retro on the site simply by purchasing a license key and immediately unlock the game on your computer. In this Internet distribution channel is the future of the sale of video games.

Description of the version: Turret Wars Retro

The latest version of the funny loveliness of Turret Wars Retro 1.7.7 has to offer many improvements, so your gameplay is not affected by annoying errors and bugs. So the game errors removed and others, which makes it impossible to shoot, if you fired a rocket. The program structure has been improved even further so Turret Wars Retro 1.7.7 version faster and smoother.

The most important innovations of Turret Wars Retro 1.7.7 version

• Better program structure for a smoother game
• Fixed a slight graphical errors
• Error in the Setup or logic error have been removed or replaced

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