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With Turbo Pizza you can set up your own pizza Empire you two crazy sites.



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Turbo Pizza

You wanted to ever lead an own pizzeria? Turbo get it now the way pizza. Because Robert and Rebecca want to necessarily have an own pizzeria, and their fate is now in your hands. You must decide when new ingredients must be bought and when it is time to look for new devices. Turbo Pizza that you promote the resources it is also very important, because only so you can develop the skills of Robert and Rebecca. You want to be is the best and stand out from the other restaurants. Whenever you successfully finish a level, your reputation will increase.

Pizza so that you can open another pizzeria in a more relaxed atmosphere, you need to save your money on Turbo. You need to meet whatever the expectations of your customers and offer them excellent service. Serve your guests a Turbo Pizza and they will certainly recommend you. So to win new customers and you deserve more money. Your Turbo you must customize pizza but also the wishes of your customers. Also, you can't forget that the demands of your customers are always very different. If you can do that, then your customers will return again to you. So choose the right dishes and give your customers the feeling that the Kings are in your pizzeria.

So that your customers also keep coming back, you should extend also the à la carte menu pizza Turbo. Finally, your guests want to eat pizza not only to your Turbo, but also various other dishes. Even if your pizzeria Turbo full pizza with guests, it means to keep track. Turbo Pizza you have to respond quickly in these situations. You're indeed too slow, so the good reputation of your Turbo lost pizza soon. If in your pizzeria a little calm returns, so you can continue to expand it between games. Finally, as many guests as possible, your Turbo will be pizza. Spoil your guests according to all rules of the art, and nothing in the way of your pizza Empire.

The functions at a glance

• Expand the menu
• Renovating and buy new equipment
• Participation in local pizza chef competitions
• Two crazy locations for your Pizzaria
• Unrestricted and unlimited fun
• Create your own pizza Empire

What operating system do you need?

To play Turbo Pizza on your PC, you will need Windows XP, Vista or 2000 should have your graphics card from 32 MB to 64 MB. The best, however, would be the 64 MB card.

Description of the version: Turbo Pizza

Pizza with Turbo reasons a pizza delivery and pizza back to a secret family recipe. Treat the guests in a cosy atmosphere with always new delicious dishes. The full version of Turbo Pizza now ensures fun without limits: you can for example in two run-down areas a successful pizza service pull. In addition, you participate in local pizza baking competitions. In addition, the full version offers new dishes and equipment upgrades, with which you can make your pizza service even more attractive.

Contests and more devices with Turbo Pizza:

• Unlimited gaming fun without restrictions
• Take part in local Pizzback competitions
• Buy new equipment and upgrades
• Add new dishes
• Pull up a pizza delivery in rundown areas

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