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Tunngle offers a virtual network with community, chat, and other features for many games.



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For your next LAN party you don't have to leave the House: with Tunngle your friends and you can easily use a virtual network on the Internet. Take the chance and now participate in the beta test.

The Tunngle program is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)-client that is geared especially to gamers. Once you have installed the program, created an account and logged in for the first time, a wide range of virtual networks available is you immediately. All new games are played in these networks, but also networks for classic are available. Here, you can play games, for which there is usually no online platform, with your friends, as you would at a network party.

In addition, Tunngle offers also an online community that you can quick-minded, playing with friends when your friends have no time. About the chat feature you can replace you with all players who are online in the network. But also a personal chat with individual players is possible. Tunngle also facilitates data exchange between the gamers. But of course, you can determine who can see your information.

Download of Tunngle is free during the beta period. But even then, there are two versions: A paid premium version and a basic version, you can download as usual for free. The individual networks allow up to 255 gamer at the same time. You can see easily how many players in the network are online, in the list, which displays the networks with the games it played. Who already knows what game he wants to play, can find his favorite easy search feature and engage directly in the channel.

Description of the version: Tunngle

This version of Tunngle is the beta version. The manufacturers use them to track bugs in their program and suggestions of users to adopt and to implement in their final version. Although it is a beta program, the networks work very fine, and it is worthwhile in any case already try Tunngle. As the final output of Tunngle provides a free basic version, you must have no fear, that your game fun is soon taken from you.

Main functions and characteristics of Tunngle

• Provisioning virtual networks
• Large selection of games
• Integrated community with chat function
• Up to 255 participants per network
• Data exchange of the player is enabled
• Gamer-oriented optics

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