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Tunatic is a small program that can display title and artist friends to almost every song.



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It you were sure even more so. There, you hear a song on the radio or on TV, you like it, but you know neither what he mean who is the artist. The soul-searching and searching is over, if you are installing Tunatic on your computer for you. This software detects almost every song and provides title and artist for you.

With the software Tunatic, you get a program that analyzes the current song is played on the radio. You will be both displayed the title of the song as the singer. Now, if you like the song, and you want to download it to your computer, Tunatic saves you much time. The Internet you must no longer laboriously crawling based on text fragments. This research assumes Tunatic for you. The functioning of the software is very simple here. About your computer's microphone, you simply record a portion of this song. Tunatic analyzes this shot and matching the results with a database on the Internet. Is it a match is found, the program title and artist on the screen shows. Then you can specifically search on the Internet and download the title E.g. from a platform. From this moment, you have the opportunity to hear your new favorite song as often as possible. Tunatic provides assistance you also in the research. In addition to this data, also a link that provides additional information for you, is given you.

You will be thrilled by the user interface of the software. It is a graphical user interface that is very simple, so you quickly find your way. The program only in the English language is available. However no impediment for you should be, to use this software. It just tests for you and you will be thrilled. However, it has the software problems with the detection of German titles or classical music. The hit rate is slightly lower in these songs.

Description of the version: Tunatic

By installing the software, you have the possibility to show you for any any song, the artist and the title. Also, you will receive a corresponding link for more information. The software is in English, but it is easy to use by their easy-to-understand graphical user interface. The identification of the songs is done by individual text fragments that are matched with a database on the Internet. If you listen to much radio, there are almost no unknown title for you.

System requirements and general information about the program

• Musikidentifzierungsprogramm
• Freeware, free download
• Operating system win 2000, win XP
• In English
• Graphical, easy to use user interface
• Internet access and microphone to the computer required

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