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TsRemux recognizes digital recordings in TS format and can cut out individual tracks.



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When television broadcasts over the Internet are loaded, problems because the formats often occur when you open the corresponding files. TsRemux is able to open even transport streams, short TS files.

TV shows distributed on the digital channels, often without asking store computer as files in TS format. Where other players in this format have failed, TsRemux can help. Because it was originally designed to play TS files. In addition to the playback function, TsRemux offers also editing tools. Individual sound or image sequences can be selected and cut out separately. This sound or image tracks can then be processed with other programs and allow, for example, the use of film clips in presentations or apply a soundtrack for a video there.

TsRemux is suitable not only for converting TS files. It can play a variety of formats and break up into different tracks. You chose a desired scene, TsRemux they also transformed into other formats, for example, in a VOB file. This has the advantage that you can handle the snippets with programs that cannot open TS files, however, easily accept other formats.

TsRemux distinguishes itself as opposed to conversion programs with long processing times and the tendency to crash through its efficient functioning. The program is easy to use, because it agrees with its manageable design itself. If you got fancy on the trouble-free processing of digital recordings, you can easily free download TsRemux to you right here and start with your own film project.

Description of the version: TsRemux

The new version of TsRemux brings some changes for you. The program is compatible with the Windows Vista operating system from now on. Also the free software is fully functional VOB, MPG, satellite, OTA and EVOB now in addition to edit TS files with formats. So, you can use even easier desired snippets with other playback or cutting programs without being hampered by errors due to incorrect formats.

This offers you the new TsRemux 0.21.2

• Trouble-free viewing of records from the digital television in TS format
• Extracting individual image or audio tracks
• Formatting in many different formats
• Compatible with Windows Vista

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